Rebecca Sounds Reveille with STIX and Kaliyah

You are invited to tune-in Wednesday, March 24, 2021, at 12pm CST. WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/REBECCALMAHAN AND REBECCA SOUNDS REVEILLE YOUTUBE CHANNEL & MOST ALL PODCAST APPS PANDORA iHeartRadio During this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Stephen “Stix “ Josey, a.k.a, “STIX,” who is a half Italian and African American producer, director, writer, author, and actor known forAngels Around Me (2013),Stay Fly(2021),Who’s on My Side,and The Hills(2017). Stix has produced, recorded, and engineered on over 50 Albums. He was signed to Sony Records as an in-house music producer, also creating his own feature films and producing albums for his own signed artist through his company, SPOTLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT. One of the film projects, Angels Around Me, was written by Stix (also authoring the book) with the aide of some Hollywood veterans and was selected into the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival in 2012. The movie went on to win the award for Best First Time Director. He has also produced, The American Family Dreamers, The Hills, Gangland, Who’s on My Side, and Temporary File, to name a few. As an accomplished actor, Stix has been in Patriots Day, Spencer Confidential, Pinch, Organic Man: Returns with Avengeance, Blood Reservoir, and If I Tell You. In addition, Stix has also produced several TV shows for PBS/Central Florida, one of which stars Michael Winslow (who is featured in the Police Academy movie series), along with another veteran Hollywood actor, Renny Roker, showcasing teens learning to develop their athletic strengths through playing golf. The show is called, From Tee to Degree. Stix has been given the opportunity to develop and manage RnB sensation Kaliyah.

Rebecca also speaks with Kaliyah Foster-Gaulin, who is an actress, singer, and producer, known forUntold: Back & Forth the Aaliyah Story(2021),Stay Fly(2021), In the Super Natural, Organic Man: Returns with Avengeanceand Pinch(2020). Kaliyah is an RnB sensation with 3 albums out across the globe and several more coming. She is also and president of Spotlight Entertainment Company.

This episode is high energy filled with the harrowing journey on the road to becoming high profile artists and more. This dynamic duo is a story of an accomplished performer bringing up his niece into the entertainment spotlight, launching her success at an early age. These two lift the audience with their smiles, all while dazzling keys that unlock new perspectives that can be used by all. Stephen “Stix “ Josey , A.K.A. ” STIX” Untold: Back & Forth the Aaliyah Story(2021) Kaliyah Foster-Gaulin **Affiliated with: Angela Anderson Manager, Angela Anderson International Talent Management. [email protected] 843-312-1048 Rebecca L. Mahan TV/Radio Show Host (& Paparazzi Independent Consultant) is wearing jewelry from the Paparazzi collection. To see more go to: To see more go to: Turn on one of the channels below to catch the show! On video Rebecca L. Mahan Rebecca Sounds Reveille On audio Apple Podcasts:…/rebecca-sounds-r…/id1464945249… Google Podcasts: iHeartRadio, PANDORA, PLEX.TV(ROKU) most podcast apps, and many other platforms!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Arianna Fox


During this episode, Rebecca talks with guest, Arianna Fox, who is known across the region as a little ball of joy and energy! Girlpreneur, bestselling double author, motivational speaker, actress, voiceover talent, and teen influencer may come in a small package, but her ideas are as revolutionary as they are wide-reaching. For several years now, Arianna has devoted her life and much of her time to reaching out to others to spread messages of hope, inspiration, and self-confidence. Making a positive impact upon others and helping them rock their lives to maximum potential is part of this upcoming girlpreneur’s goal for her interactions with kids, tweens, teens, adults, and all. Arianna’s bubbly personality conveys her passion for others as she shares how she wrote her books along with the colorful palette of things she has done and is doing. This episode delivers a fresh perspective from a young emerging talent who will make you laugh, become inspired, and get you pumped! Join our conversation! Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: LinkedIn: YouTube: False Awakeningon Amazon: Princess Chronicleson Amazon: Awakeningon Barnes & Noble: Princess Chronicleson Barnes & Noble: Awakeningforpersonalized/signed copy: Princess Chroniclesforpersonalized/signed copy:

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Catching Up With Superstar Sherry Nelson

Sherry Nelson is becoming a household name in the world of entertainment. An amazingly accomplished woman who is as stunningly beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Placing in the Maxim Magazine model search before the pandemic has opened a ton of opportunities for this incredibly talented soul. We caught up with Sherry Nelson between projects, and here is what she had to say…


A lot has been going on for you the last few months…fill us in?

Yes! I am very happy to still be busy with various projects, especially continuing to be one of the co-host’s on Brian Sebastian’s “Movie Reviews and More”, which has grown exponentially and can now be seen on many more platforms – iHeart Radio, Spotify, Comcast, Pandora, Apple TV, and Amazon Music. I have also co-hosted with Debbie Perkins on her very popular “Hollywood Red Carpet Radio Show”. I just recently co-hosted my very first live virtual event for FanRoom Live starring the great Leland Sklar! This innovative show was created by the amazing Cedric The Entertainer, Jeff Krauss, Mitch Faulkner, Jae Benjamin, and Stacey Toy.


I continue as a contributing writer at Michael Neely’s XS10 Magazine, and I was just named Spokesmodel for Gubba Rum!  All of these unique opportunities have connected me with some of the greatest minds in entertainment, and I am honored to be affiliated with each of them.

What are your plans for 2021?

Toney Richards of Wikkid Starr has asked me to appear in an upcoming music video which makes me happy because I love their music!  As well, I will be collaborating on an International campaign with Cindy D’Adamo as spokesmodel for her various signed artists, the first being The Lucas Brothers Band.

I will also be appearing with the amazing Stephen Chang in his movie “Warrior of Eight Flags” which will be filming in Vancouver, Hong Kong, and Finland.  I am now also attached to writer Doug Shiloh’s “Dead Exit”, which has a wild dystopian premise that will be a 2-hour audio drama and a comic book.


What is your recipe for success?

My recipe for success requires these fundamental ingredients: a goal, hard work, focus, and connections.

Knowing what you want is often the most difficult ingredient to acquire, but once you know what that is, then your journey or recipe will begin to take shape.  Add hard work into the mix by learning as much as you can and finding various avenues to get you where you need to be.  Then improve upon your rolodex by making connections with people you admire and who are successful.  Learning from successful people I believe is one of the greatest learning tools, then emulate that with your own unique qualities.

Every day is a great day to learn something new and to set new goals and ambitions for yourself, everyone is gifted in their own way, so never settle, there are many great things to see, do, achieve, and experience.

Do you believe in following a dream or not letting your dreams get in the way of your actions?

I believe in following a dream because dreams make us happy, they give us something to hope for. Sometimes being spontaneous and taking a chance can open you up to a whole new world, and I can definitely attest to that!

Remember, you cannot have memories unless you make them, so I hope everyone dreams big and continues to make memories.

Do you have any regrets?

I do not have any regrets. Sometimes we need a negative from time to time so we can really appreciate the positives that come our way. If I am unsuccessful at anything, I learn why, and try to improve.



It’s no secret that you idolize your dad….what qualities of his have you inherited 

I have learned from my father to be a genuine and caring person. Through his actions I have seen his compassion for animals, the environment, and for those around him.  My father is a pillar of all that is good and admired in life; patient, loving, gentle, and striving to do what he can for everyone before himself.  He is my greatest Blessing in life and I am honored every day to be able to call him my father.


 What song never fails to make you emotional?

I guess that changes from time to time based on what is going on in my life.  I am very thankful to be as busy as I am right now, that listening to Canadian Robbie Robertson helps relax me, his music videos are pretty fantastic too.


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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Christopher Jordan musician

During this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Christopher Jordan the owner and CEO of “HC Universal Network, LLC.” He has over 35 years of experience combined in live audio-video engineering, audio record operations, graphics, video mixing and switching, editing, web streaming, and much more. He is also the host of two radio/podcast shows, “Dudes n Beer” and “Talking Sound Podcast” with over a combined 35 years experience in the media and entertainment field.
Christopher is a talented composer and recording artist whose incorporating styles range from traditional electronica and ambient to experimental and even brainwave synthesis into his music. He is known as No Disassemble and has been compared to electronic artists such as Kraftwerk, using mixed media visualizations to his music.
Originally from Houston, musician and audio engineer Christopher Jordan began his journey of composing and recording electronic music in the late 90s and was a monthly recurring guest for five years on 90.1 KPFT’s Sunday avant-garde music program.
Since that time, Christopher has recorded numerous albums varying from standard electronic music, to albums incorporating the frequencies of the planets and binaural beats. Christopher has also been experimenting in the studio with making music utilizing real-time brainwaves to drive his synthesizers and producing mixed media visualizations to his music.
Most recently, Christopher has been publishing his music through the HC Universal Network where he produces and hosts numerous podcasts as well as composing music for use by podcasters within this network and beyond.

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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Michele “Mish” Schneider


During this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Michele Schneider who is the Director of Trading Education & Research for and host of Mish’s Market Minute. She is the author of Plant Your Money Tree: A Guide to Growing Your Wealth, Market Phase Bootcamp, How To Swing Trade For Profit and co-author of MarketGauge’s Complete Swing Trading System. She is a contributor to numerous publications and was voted one of the Top 50 People to Follow On Twitter by Dow Jones. Michele has won the RealVision award for The Best Stock Pick of 2018 and serves as Founder/Partner in Wizard IP, a software development company. In 2020, she won the award writing one of the wealth books of all time.

Michele is a former Member/Trader of Coffee, Sugar and Cocoa, NYMEX, and FINEX in NYC, as well as, Market Analyst for Continental Grain and Floor Analyst for Conti-Commodities. Mish began as a Floor Broker and then became an Independent Trader trading exclusively for her own account. Noted for her Technical Analysis, Mish has advised some of the most successful traders in the world.

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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Allan “The G-Man” Gitlin


In this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Allan Gitlin, who has a long history in the entertainment business. He started modeling at the age of 21 he started modeling and did some acting, along with taking some acting and world-class comedy courses at the Caroline’s Comedy Club in NYC. He has been compared to Jerry Seinfeld as an observation comedian.

His work has included a lead model for NYC Historical Building Society, The Ghost -Internet movie NYC, Gatorade – National Commercial, Police officer – Internet movie Miami/Los Angeles, Detective-Disappeared For NBC Chicago, Chief of FBI- Internet movie, and The Goofellas – Internet movie.

He has most often been cast in the role of a mobster, government official, or high ranking police officer, and was recently cast the role of a judge in the “Lil Tjay” music video, which can be seen on YouTube.

Allan is armed with a sharp tongue and a quick wit who is a “Jack Of All Comedy and Trades.” He is Charismatic, crazy, creative, daring, dastardly, hilarious, hyper, hysterical, and of course zany!

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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Tracy Galloway-Galpin

Tracy Galloway-Galpin is a United States Army veteran who worked in the healthcare field as a program assistant for over a decade before pursuing a bachelor’s degree from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas with a concentration in psychology. She went on to pursue a master’s degree in Chaplaincy in Seminary from Liberty University. Tracy is a chaplain who has her own businesses in both women’s fashion jewelry and skincare. She has excelled in her businesses and empowers others via mentorship and training. During this episode, Tracy shares her journey as an Independent Mary Kay Consultant and provides the audience with her wisdom and inspiration.

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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Nicholas Andrew Rice


Nicholas Andrew Rice is the author of “Overcoming the SILENT PRIDE Within, DARE TO COMPARE,” Screenwriter of “PREEMPTIVE STRIKE [BEYOND SIGHT]” and is an actor, director, and producer who resides in Dallas, TX. He has 21 credits to his name and is known as “a true chameleon actor, with the ability to bring forth any emotion.” He is also known for his lead role in the film “The Place In Between, as well as, in “PREEMPTIVE STRIKE [BEYOND SIGHT].” Nicholas grew up a Southern Baptist pastor’s kid and decided to follow God’s leading. This took his journey into the entertainment industry where his passion for acting sparked additional success. Nick wants the world to know what God has called him to do and allow that to inspire and move others in ways least expected.






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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Actor JF Davis



This episode brings guest, Jeff Davis, aka “JF Davis” who is an actor, producer, director, and stuntman, with 80 credits to his name. You may already know him for his roles in “American Assassin,” “Lethal Weapon,” “Criminal Minds,” and who has been able to portray a colorful palette of roles from comic books to horror. Most recently, he has been in “Outrage,” was “Dr. LeBron” on “This Close,” and appeared as a Guest Star on “Station 19.” He was a stuntman in “The Rich Man’s Wife” with Halle Berry and “Waterworld” with Kevin Costner. His career has been thriving and has inspired others by sharing how by putting your mind to something and with perseverance, you will achieve great things…but it is not an instant reward. The rewards come from continued hard work and being consistent. You can reach your dreams! Be on the lookout for “Showdown on the Brazos,” “Proximity,” and “ The Demons Within!”


Social Media: @jfdavisactor

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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Jess Ellis

Make your own opportunities! This episode spotlights guest, Jess Ellis, who shared excitement in making your own opportunities, creating content, how he mastered playing several instruments, along with what happens while performing on stage, and how to get acting jobs. In addition, he described how he started doing sketches from a very young age and how the show’s host, Rebecca, was involved in this. There are a lot of smiles and laughs that will brighten your day and you will get the resources to get more joy and laughter through the work (“fun”) he performs. Delightful!!! (If you are listening on audio, be sure to check out the show on YouTube.)

Jess is an Improv and Stand-up comedian and writer from Los Angeles. He has trained and performs regularly at The Second City, UCB LA. He is also an actor and director known for TMI Hollywood (2012), TMI Celebrity Minute (2016) and Open Houses (2017). Jess’ love for the arts started practically at birth and led him to study Jazz piano and guitar. When Jess isn’t performing, he can usually be found binge eating Doritos and writing music.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Robert Joseph Palmer


It is ALL ABOUT YOU! This episode is filled with information on how you can make your life dreams become reality with steps on where you can learn how to do that and expand your knowledge in abundance. Guest, Robert Joseph Palmer, shares about his workshops and how they can make a difference. He said “I love what I’m doing and it’s important to try and help other people do that. If you follow your love, follow your excitement, you’ll never work a day in your life and it can be exciting and fun and easy and simple and that’s what it’s all about.” He described how he is able to equip others, “…we have five schools full of tools that enables you to reveal that, that true nature of yourself and reveal what you need, when you need it, and that’s abundance.” “Whether it’s your book, your business, your blog, your presentation, and whatever passion you have, you throw it into that five workshop system and out pops this finished product brought to fruition!” He also made a great statement for all to think about and absorb, “…we’re all artists and we, we’re masters over this immense studio of all of our creation.” Be empowered and tune-in!

Robert Joseph Palmer is a Writing Coach, Leadership Development Specialist and Entrepreneur Coach. He has been an educator and school leader for 25 years. Robert taught at Eton Academy, a National Exemplary School in Birmingham, MI, for six years and Royal Oak Alternative Education for 11 years where he co-founded the school. He has now founded three schools. Constantly encouraged for years, Palmer finally decided to create The Raven Institute, offering five schools of personal and professional mastery in a new consciousness. RAVEN’ S offerings are available throughout MI, nationwide, and internationally.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Chris Twomey

Are you pursuing your dreams? During this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Chris Twomey about the roles he has played in the films he has been cast in, along with the pursuit of following your dreams. Here is an excerpt: “Oftentimes, we have these dreams and we don’t pursue them. We go into the career field and we get a job and we just do those things. Then we just go on this other path and it doesn’t lead anywhere, but you on the other hand, have started pursuing some of the dreams that you’ve had and gone into acting.” Tune in and find out not only insight into this actor and new films, but the inspiration to follow your dreams!
Chris Twomey was born on April 14th 1969 on base at Quantico, Virginia, USA as Christopher Drummond Twomey. He is an aspiring actor that grew up in the military world, played football, worked in the IT field for twenty years and is an amateur bodybuilder. He was an extra in the movie The Last Castle filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Chris Twomey is known for his role as Bruce in the feature film Preacher Six and is cast as Agent Ryan Chandler in Dead Exit, which is a TV series in pre-production.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with David Solano



Uncovering hidden insights that can change your life! This episode brings powerful insight with the focus on not placing limits on yourself. “Don’t say, “Okay, I only should do this.” It’s really important to be able to say, “I can do all of these things. I could take on this extra class and I don’t limit myself to just learning about safe finances or just health care. I can learn about all of these other areas.”” Rebecca talked about how one can obtain additional degrees without putting in extra time and guest David Solano shared an opportunity on how to enhance your life. He said, “Get your message out in a video snip of a few minutes, you’ve got a person’s attention and whether you’re doing it through an email or you’re doing it through a newsletter…” He shared “The product that I found called, “Talk Fusion” uses three different segments. It uses what we’re doing now, a live webinar, it also incorporates the video newsletter and video email.”

Guest, First Lieutenant David Solano, is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a Cyber Security Practitioner/Project Manager. He started his career in aerospace maintenance and then communication for SATCOM. Upon receiving his commission in the Air Force and in the New York National Guard he was in Information Systems Office for Maintenance and served as a Tactical Engineer for his unit and was also in logistics engineering in the support division. Parallel to his military service, he was a Systems Engineer with Grumman Aerospace and performed logistics engineering in the support division for Grumman He has worked with foreign military and then went into the private sector an Information Technology Project Manager in the healthcare industry. David currently serves on several industry advisory boards for the Cyber Workforce Alliance, CUNY, and the NYC Department of Education. also by serving on the board of directors and proudly serves as Vice President of New York Metro InfraGard, a 501(c)3 aligned with the US DOJ FBI on protection of critical infrastructure. He is a guest lecturer and mentor for several cybersecurity college programs and is also Chairman of the Bayside High School Career Technology Education Industry Advisor Board, where he connects students with internships from the local business partners.

David_ [email protected]

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Steven P. Hamm


During this episode, Rebecca talks with Steven P. Hamm in a candid conversation about his life as a soldier, Lifeflight helicopter pilot, and roles as an actor. The details are ones you won’t want to miss! Here is an excerpt that can be applied to your life, but tune-in so you don’t miss the entire scoop!

“I really want the audience to absorb this and keep this in their mind and in their heart because through life and part of life there is going to be trauma. This is a fact and what we need to do is realize that we have to find a good heart and keep that in our mind so that we can move through these things that are going to happen” “Another thing that you mentioned is that you went home and you talked to your children about these things and so why is this important? It is important because when we experience something, one our family members can know that we’re human too, but another thing is we can put an action plan into place on how we want to interact with our family so that we can always be sure that we show and let the other one know that we love each other. So something does happen, that they can rest assured that that love it’s there. So, there’s strategies that we can put in place to sort of help us get through different situations.” “When things do occur and they’re going to occur, and oftentimes when situations happen that mental health things take place, like anxieties manifest, oftentimes, they come because we aren’t prepared”… “ we can’t always be prepared for them, but we can be fired for the best of it- you know ahead of time by learning good coping skills.”

Steven P. Hamm is an American film actor known for Crisis in the Valley, Taken Over and Acts of Violence. After graduation from high school, he joined the Army as a helicopter mechanic. He eventually applied for and was accepted into rotary wing flight school and subsequently earned his flight wings. After multiple overseas deployments, including Iraq and Afghanistan, Steve decided to officially retire after 23 1/2 years. When Steve isn’t on a film set, he is working as a Lifeflight helicopter pilot. Steve’s breakout in film was a supporting role as “Anthony King” in the independent project “Crisis in the Valley”. He since has been cast in numerous independent and commercial projects including a YouTube science fiction web-series known as “Cold Blooded” where he plays “Dr. Bradley”

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Angela Sloan


What do you know about the Secure Act and how your money affects your beneficiaries? The Secure Act was assigned by President Trump on December 20, 2019 and sets every community up for retirement enhancement. This episode delves in about some of the good and not so good things that pertain to finances with this act. It affects IRAs, 401ks, all your retirement plans, 529 plans, and education plans. The focus is on how it changed IRAs- the required minimum distribution age for age 70 and a half until age 72 and what it didn’t change- the QCD, the qualified charitable distribution, which remains at age 70 and a half. You will gain a lot of insight that may directly impact your retirement with this information.

On another note, we talk about what happens when you leave money to your beneficiaries and how it will affect them. For example, if you live in an income tax state, only a portion of it is going to actually wind up going to the beneficiary due to taxes. The beneficiary will be taxed according to their income. So, if you have children that have a substantial income and inherit your $500,000 IRA, “they’ve got to take that and pay taxes on it within a ten year period.” There is much more discussed that will open your eyes about leaving money to others.

For 30 years Angela Sloan, CEO and founder of Sloan Financial Group, has dedicated herself to helping her clients secure their financial affairs. Unfortunately at a young age, she was swindled out of her life savings by her “trusted” advisor. This misfortune motivated Angela to make it her life’s work to keep bad things from happening to good people. Angela’s sound, responsible financial advice and tax-saving strategies have helped her clients grow and protect their retirement nest eggs, even throughout these turbulent financial times. While she specializes in income tax planning and managed money, conservative investments, she has expanded her practice to include estate planning, long-term care insurance, Medicare supplements, life insurance and property and casualty insurance. Devoted to helping families comfortably organize their financial futures, Angela’s list of accomplishments include earning the Pioneer Service Excellence Award, the AMS Inventor of the Year Award, winning the Richard M. Metcalfe Memorial Award as well as sitting on the York Technical College Entrepreneur Panel and guest speaker appearances for Clemson University’s Professional Development for Women Conferences held throughout the United States.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Kevin Douglas Wright


Where do our views about the world we live in come from? Are we aware of where, how, when, or why we learned a particular point of view about something or someone? To bring about change whereby people can overcome barriers and biases that have been carried on generationally, we all need to take a look at how we came to know the views we currently hold. One such person set out to prove just how different things can be by doing so.

This episode brings guest, Kevin Douglas Wright, who is an American author, screenwriter, film director, film producer, cinematographer, and film editor of “I Learned It From You,” a documentary available on Amazon Prime Video, which is described, “Sometimes what someone teaches can have deadly consequences. Are you in danger? Six randomly selected people are interviewed. Their real-life stories consistently reveal someone teaching something that has been responsible for destroying people, cities, states, and countries, in front of our eyes, for hundreds of years. [ Officially Selected by three film festivals and now a Best-Selling book. ]

Do you want to see change? Take some time to watch this episode and Kevin’s documentary. You will find there are some things that will really hit home and make a difference!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Monday Michiru


What do your words have to do with it? Well, a whole lot! Words are an expression of everything we think, feel, see, and more! They describe all of our senses and yet when they are woven within the very notes of the palette of instruments laid out before us, there is even more that can be said, felt, and heard. The guest in this episode is a master at not only being able to convey through her own music and lyrics an incredible amount of expression, but she is able to inspire others through her extraordinary wisdom and talent through the gift of teaching in her STORYTELLERS WORKSHOP NYC.

Guest, Songstress and Producer, Monday Michiru, was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised in coastal U.S. as the daughter of NEA Jazz Master and Japanese National Living Treasure Toshiko Akiyoshi, cult jazz saxophonist Charlie Mariano as well as jazz saxophonist-flutist Lew Tabackin, Monday Michiru, so named to reflect both her Japanese and American-Italian heritages, started music classically on flute studying at the prestigious Interlochen Arts Academy in the U.S. on scholarship, gravitating later to singing, composition and production. In 1987 she debuted in the lead role as an opera singer in the Japanese movie “Hikaru Onna” which garnered her Best New Actress award by the Japan Film Academy. Her subsequent move back to Japan furthered her career in acting, as well as hosting her own radio programs, modeling, performing in fashion corporate events, and as a journalist with steady columns. Since her music debut release in 1991, Monday has released albums on an annual basis both as a soloist and collaborator and is known as one of the pioneers of the Japanese acid jazz movement. While her discography boasts countless dance floor hits worldwide, Monday’s compositional style and repertoire has evolved to that which is undeniably hers with reflections of jazz, soul, Brazilian, folk, and other urban and world flavors. Monday currently resides in New York, continues to record and perform worldwide, and heads the lyric writing seminars STORYTELLERS WORKSHOP NYC.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Jack Roberts

What are your OPTIONS? Financial options, that is! Today’s guest explains what options are and gives a great picture of how they can be a great asset for you. “ A lot of people like to confuse options with just regular stocks or equities and how they move, but basically it’s very simple. You have the stock market and then you have derivatives. Derivatives are basically options and what that means is this. It is another way to invest in the stock market, but use leverage to your favor. They’re basically contracts that are tied to the stock market, that basically expire at a certain date forward in time.” He goes into detail using an example about “Tesla,” but here is another simple example he uses, “I can buy those at a small price and sell those at a larger price basically, what Walmart does in the wintertime. They buy millions of hotdogs to sell you during the summer of the next year right so that’s the basic idea behind options and on a psychological kind of on a larger I would say more adult scale. It’s another way to be able to invest your money and be the captain of your own ship, which is important not only to the baby boomer generation that’s retiring now but also the millennial generation that is actually drowning in debt.”

Guest, Options Strategist at Simpler Trading, Jack Roberts, comes from small-town West, Texas. He has a relatability factor and characteristic that’s made many members feel right at home with his easy-going mentality and thirst for knowledge. He started his path as a full-time trader with his grandfather as his mentor, and later on, John Carter. Jack took it upon himself to pursue trading from a self-teaching perspective. In the first four years, he spent trading only stocks and then moved into options once he saw some additional profit. His ‘aha’ moments came when he got a jump start on Elon Musk’s pipe dream and bought options of TSLA, which have since skyrocketed. Jack was one of the first to get in on both AMD and TASR (which is now known as Axon). That’s when he realized he has a knack for seeing things before most and has used that to build his trading career into what it is today.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Debbie Boyd

What’s your strategy? We often think about what we are going to use our paycheck for. This amount of it goes here. This amount goes there. How much do I have to pay my bills and how much there is to invest? What is the rate of return and how much money do I need to make it worth it? Today’s guest talks about some of these important questions, “What is money? Is money something to be spent freely, donated, and cherished, or is it something that you hoard and you hang on to and you don’t let anybody close to because you’re afraid that you’ll lose it?” She also brings some other food for thought and gives very in-depth detail on reverse mortgages. One of the things she shared, “Rates are at an all-time low, so everybody goes, “Well, why would you leverage it now? Times are good.” That’s when you do it. You don’t do it when times are bad. So, I think we need to kind of have an education from an outside third party. Not with our family. Not with someone you don’t go to. Someone that has money to help you regulate how to make money. You only go to people that make money to help you make money.” She also explained the misconceptions surrounding what people have been told about reverse mortgages. “What a reverse mortgage does it actually gives us more ways to get cash flow.” She also details what and why this could be beneficial in the event the homeowner were to pass away. There is a lot of information! Grab a pen and paper!

Guest, Debbie Boyd, is CEO of DLB Financial and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and is the radio host on her show, Money Strategies with Debbie, which has been aired for over a decade dicing complicated financial news into easy to understand pieces brings some eye-opening facts about finances to this episode. Debbie is also an educator whereby she speaks frequently with university students in business classes about money and finance has been helping clients over the last 20 years with their investments, mortgages, and insurance needs.


Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Eddie Ghabour

Just how fast does life go by? We want to talk about retirement because we usually don’t. Everything else tends to draw our attention away from this essential topic, but if we put it off, we can face some serious consequences. Early in life, the days seem so long and arduous and when we wake up in the morning, we think the day seems to go on forever and there is so much to do. Then later, we realize a week has gone by or a month has gone by. Then, oftentimes, we look back and the decades have gone by. It is at this point where many people realize that life had gone by too fast and the retirement inquires or planning they were going to do never got done. And now what?

Guest, Eddie Ghabour, co-owner and managing partner of Key Advisors Group, LLC, returns to share how to prevent letting life pass your retirement by or even “goodbye.” Eddie graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics and Finance and in1998, he began a successful career in financial planning. In 2000, he started Key Advisors Group, LLC with his business partner and since then has qualified for the prestigious, MDRT (membership is based on sales criteria), Court of the Table, and Top of the Table honors each year. Eddie is an Investment Advisor Representative who offers investment advisory services through WFG Advisors, LP. He is also insurance-licensed in Delaware and author of The Common-Sense Bull, The Keys to the Good Life Before and During Retirement.

Specializing in money management, Eddie also focuses on retirement and estate planning strategies for his clients, He works with local CPAs and attorneys implementing tax saving strategies to help clients protect their hard-earned assets from unnecessary taxation. He is also a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.

Eddie, his wife Lauren, and their sons Eddie and Elijah reside in Milton, Delaware. In his free time, Eddie volunteers as a coach for Lewes Little League. When Eddie is not working or coaching on the baseball diamond he can usually be found enjoying the sun at the beach, or on the golf course.

In many areas of our life, we can put things on the back burner, such as our finance, and not take a hard look at them under there is a situation that is dire. At that point, it is too late and you have to resort to taking drastic measures like selling off prized possessions or taking out loans and stacking up debt. In many areas of life, such as fitness, a professional athlete will have a personal trainer help them get to achieve a goal. The athlete becomes accountable. When we become accountable to ourselves and dedicate ourselves to something important, we succeed. This is Eddie’s coaching style, where about every 3 months he is coaching you to achieve your goals and help you succeed.

Stop for a minute. Don’t let time just pass your retirement by.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Dr. Melissa Ridley Elmes


Does history really repeat itself? This episode was very exciting and gives us an opportunity to think about how historical events and practices from all types of cultures affect future events and evolve. One of the areas we can look at is in the area of violence. If we take a look at specific issues from a historical vantage point, we might be able to shift and prevent things from happening. This can hold true in domestic violence, workplace violence, and other types of social violence. Looking back, we can see ahead, which can actually be fun. This is especially true when we look at it where we take a specific topic and apply it to different cultures and see what the potential outcome(s) can be. It’s also fascinating to take current issues, then look back and discover that despite how unique some of them seem to be, there are cultures that have experienced them we can certainly learn from. To gain more insight and enthusiasm on this, you will want to hear what this guest expert has to say.

Guest Expert, Assistant Professor of English and Medieval Literature, Dr. Melissa “Melle” Ridley Elmes, a scholar, interdisciplinary and comparative literary historian and critic, writer of poetry, along with fiction and nonfiction, who specializes in the medieval British Isles and North Atlantic World, with emphasis on Old and Middle English alongside Anglo-Norman, Welsh, and Old Norse/Icelandic literature and culture has much to share on this episode.

She also has interests with research engaged in Arthurian legend; Chaucer; Robin Hood/outlawry; women’s and gender studies, particularly women’s literate practices and women and violence; alchemy, magic, and esoterica; monsters and the supernatural; literature and the law; genre studies and medieval English, Anglo-Norman, Welsh, and Icelandic poetic forms; mythology and folklore; ecocritical and animal studies; manuscript studies and history of the book, philology, and history of the English language.

Melissa is author of Arthurian Things: A Collection of Poems that published in February 2020 by Dark Myth Publications, along with a number of additional scholarly literary works (see the link to additional works below). She has several upcoming research projects on the horizon and has a vast array of knowledge and experience that has led to exemplary work. For example, she served at the Avalon domestic violence shelter, with 80 hours of training, working as a volunteer for the shelter on the hotline. She mentioned during this episode, “I think that really started my interest in thinking through questions of trauma, in questions of violence, and intersections of trauma violence, class, race, gender. I do a lot of work with that in my teaching, especially in my composition courses, but I do a lot of it in my Lit classes too.”

Melissa has been monumental in uncovering current issues that need address based on findings from her research. “It’s a field that over the past 20 or so years, I’d say medieval feminist scholarship has been conducted, and much more recently, there’s been a real push, an important push, for it to be intersectional and inclusive and we’re uncovering things that have been hiding in plain sight for 1,500 years. It’s dynamic and it’s exciting! It’s causing some waves. It’s causing some problems.” This is an exciting episode that will draw you in on many levels and allow you to gain a new perspective on how you look at and maybe even conquer new challenges.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with TG Watkins


Is trading marbles like trading stocks? Many adults can look back and think of things they traded in grade schools with their peers. For some, it may have been marbles and for others maybe Hello Kitty items. When trading, kids could see the value in one item and would have to figure out what they need to do to get it with the items they had on hand. What happened when we became adults? Some went into trading stocks and others maybe didn’t understand them and the fun was lost.

Guest, Director of Stocks at Simpler Trading, TG Watkins, who has an Engineering degree, set earned his Series 6 and 63 licenses and started his career as a financial advisor with New York Life with vigor and passion. It was there his knowledge about the financial industry really exploded. TG uses his custom-designed Moxie Indicator as the backbone for trading and understanding the movements of the market. The easy to read Moxie indicator, combined with 2 primary moving averages, gives you the structure needed to make sense of the market, along with, multiple time frames making sure that tunnel vision doesn’t set in.

During this episode, TG shared how, at 12 years old, he developed an interest in this area and how you too could get involved which can let to a sound financial foundation. He said, “How you can learn if you don’t already know. How to make this better and how it can equip you to get your finances in a position where it will put you not only with a good foundation but will give you a really great cushion. If you already have that good foundation…”

He also wanted to make people comfortable with getting into trading and talked about it this way: “…to explore and make those mistakes. You know, fall off the bike a little bit. You’re gonna push the wrong button. There’s go up when it should be going down. You need to make sure that you have that safety net of basically no money so you can learn this and then once you’ve practiced this a little bit, once you start to catch on to this, you can realize that, ‘Okay, I’m getting this. I see these patterns.’ This starts making sense and you’ve done this all without losing any money. Once you’ve proven to yourself that you can make these setups and you see it over and over and over, then you can start applying some money to it. So, an account, like you said, if you have five hundred dollars, maybe a little less, you could just go out there and buy one share. You know kind of get your toes a little bit wet because you don’t want to throw five hundred dollars all in your first trade. If that’s your entire account size that’s very risky and you’d risk all of your entire account. So, maybe buy one share. Maybe buy two shares. It depends on the cost of the share and how much you have in your account and then go into the penny stocks. Just because they’re cheap and maybe you can pick up 200 shares.”

Whether you are just interested in getting that grade school trading feeling back, want to know more about how to trade, who to have help you learn about trading, or getting you more from where you are at, this episode gives insight in the why, what, how, and who to get you there. Get ready to go to the track. The trade track!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Lori Golden


PTSD? Anxiety? Codependency? Addiction? Mental Health Talk –pukka! Many people face anxiety, codependency, PTSD, and other things that the mind grapples with. Where does it come from and how can the symptoms be reduced, the cause removed, our well being made better? Often, assumptions are made about these different topics and that can hinder successful treatment. For example, when someone hears the word “codependency,” they might deduce it to their intimate or romantic relationship; however, it can also extend to family members or even objects such as food or work. This episode hands to you an extraordinary woman who candidly shared her own addiction recovery, the overcoming of childhood incest, and how she has dedicated her life to helping others overcome their challenges.

Guest, Lori Golden, is passionate about helping both trauma and abuse survivors on their healing journey. Her work today is an outgrowth of her recovery from childhood incest and addictions. She has worked in the mental health profession since the seventies, earning her Master’s in Social Work from Hunter College in New York with later training at the Gestalt Institute. Eventually, she opened her own private practice. As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she combines various therapies she has gained knowledge and experience in over the years in her practice. Lori does not limit herself to one modality of practice since her client’s needs vary. She believes there are many roads that lead to an individual’s healing.

In her private practice, she works with individuals, couples and families in and out of recovery from drugs, alcohol, food, codependency, sex, and love addiction as well as people who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder resulting from trauma and abuse. A special group of trauma survivors centers on her work with burn survivors and caregivers. ‘

Her first book, My House of Lies, is a memoir about her addiction, recovery and overcoming childhood incest after thirty-seven years of amnesia. More significantly, her book reveals a remarkable journey to seek the truth, reclaim parts of herself that was lost to dissociation and addiction, and turn her own trauma and abuse into a passion to help others face their challenges. Lori inspires and motivates others to seek their truth and heal in her consulting and presentations.

Excerpts from this episode: Rebecca: “The first thing I want to say is for anyone who is listening. If you have been apprehensive to talk to somebody and you want to talk confidentially because you’re not at a position or haven’t been in a position where you feel like you’ve wanted to admit to something, but you just kind of want to talk and see where this goes, Lori is there to assist you in your journey to make your life better.”

Lori: “I reached the bottom in using drugs and at that point in my life my main drugs were… Valium {} and at that point it was Valium throughout the day and sleeping…”

“I absolutely will talk with whoever it is that wants to share because part of my recovery is being able to give away this kind of experience to other people to help them in their journey”

“I started increasingly getting symptoms of PTSD. Now, I had always had symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, but I medicated with sleeping pills.”

Website: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Pinterest:

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Arwen Becker

Hey girl! This is for you! Learning about finances and even teaching them to others can be quite a challenge. This can be especially true if this is an area where you have been out of the workforce and are now ready to jump in, were kept from learning about finances (for example, a victim of domestic violence), divorced, single moms, widowed, or maybe just thinking about it seemed to be overwhelming. Often, women feel energized when learning from other women who have experienced similar situations as they have, pushed through it, and have made something successful from it. They feel empowered when the skills they learn can be put to use that enables them to shape not only their immediate lives but their future.

Guest Arwen Becker, financial adviser, author, national speaker, and owner of “Becker Retirement Group” and the training company, “LIFE with Arwen” shared how after meeting with thousands of women over the years, she and her companies have taken a direct focus on impacting the way women are treated in the area of finance. Her reach is through radio, podcasts, books, and by giving 30+ “women’s only” events a year. She has made it “BRG’s” mission to help connect with women in her community who aren’t getting the attention and help they need and truly deserve. Her deep desire is to answer that overarching question of each woman, “Am I gonna be okay?”

Excerpts from this episode: “Oftentimes, what women do, they spend 15 up to 15 percent of their years out of the workforce because they’re either taking care of kids or they’re taking care of parents…much more likely than their brothers to care for parents.”

“I don’t want to be a burden on my kids, but then what are you left with. We don’t want to be a burden, but yet we are so generous by nature which is the part of this.”

“…if you’re married, if you’re not, you have sole responsibility of your own financial picture because you’re gonna be the one handling it. Most likely at any point that you look in your life, some point in there, you’re gonna be the one responsible and you better know how it works.”

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Mike Francis

Are you ready for an adventure? Those from three to ninety-three can immerse themselves in science, mathematics, and history and have a whole lot of fun while learning! Imagine being so absorbed with a live show you feel you taken back to the 17th century, believing you were actually speaking to Galileo or getting into a mini-dome and having an interactive planetarium experience! Some might ask, how does that happen? It all comes to life by the contagious inspiration and excitement from the artist who is sought out by some of the most notable organizations, along with parents and adults, who want to step into his space and time machines, going back and stepping out.

Guest Mike Francis, a United States Army veteran, who holds a MS in Interdisciplinary Studies, MA in Physics, BS Ed in Physics, is a television and stage actor, lecturer, photographer, an educator at “Stars Science Theater,” and writer at the “Charles Hayden Planetarium at Boston’s Museum of Science” who brings education and entertainment to museums, libraries, and schools. He also has branched out on his own with his Galileo Galilei “The Starry Messenger,” “The Stargazer’s Apprentice,” and “Night Skies.”

During this episode, Rebecca and Mike talk about how exciting his performances are and also share and encourage the audience on how they can pursue going after what they want in life.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Aviva Reimer

Help I need to reorganize my….! – There are times where people can feel disorganized in various aspects in their life such as things at work, at home, in relationships, and even internally. The stress from not having things in order can add up and become overwhelming. Searching is one example of a “stressor.”We can find ourselves searching for misplaced items keys to searching for love. There are many things can be “stressors” and the more we avoid them the better. Sometimes though, we need a confidant. We need someone who has been there; we need someone we can trust and can show us some techniques tailored to our individuality that will guide us to success, whatever that success may be for you. Finding someone like this can be difficult, so perk your ears up to the guest on this episode who will share details on life transformation. Are you ready?

Aviva Reimer is one of Canada’s preeminent authorities on life transformation, relationship building, and matchmaking. She is highly regarded with her effective techniques in “Personal Development,” “Life Coaching,” and “Fitness.” She is certified by the prestigious “Matchmaking Institute of New York.”Aviva has made numerous media appearances, including ET Canada, “The Millionaire Matchmaker” on “Bravo,” as well as writing for “The Huffington Post,” “Zoomer,” and “Viva,” along with many others. She also the author of “Becoming The Total Package, Personal Development & Life Coach,” founder of “Perfect-Fit Elite Lifestyle & Introductions.”

Excerpts from this episode: “I literally step into someone’s life and hand-in-hand take them through the journey that they need to go through the right way and help them make the right decisions so that they can also create a better version of themselves. You know not everybody has the confidence, not everybody has the knowledge, or maybe they used to have the knowledge and the knowledge has changed out there, especially when it comes to dating or relationships.” “ …we work together and we make the list together. We make your vision. We create your wish list, everything you probably want in your life, we’re gonna do this together. We’re gonna get you there so we start with the home. We do a complete declutter. “ “…then we start decluttering your relationships and your friendships because that is also part of your environment. Certain people can have a positive impact on you and there’s people who have a very negative effect…”

Aviva talked about how to rebuild trust in certain areas. One of the things she shared is that because everything we are involved with impacts how we think and how we live, it then is necessary to declutter even those who are not healthy for our emotional, physical, or psychological well being. Staying positive and organized are keys to a great life, along with a few others. Tune in and hear more!

Ian Guerin: R&B’s Shining New Star

“Irreplaceable”, is the title of singer, songwriter, and producer’s Ian Guerin’s triumphant new album, however it also describes his irreplaceable velvet and passionate voice and the titanic talent belonging to its creator. Already celebrating several successful singles generated from the album including: “Cry”, UK Best R&B Soul Song of the year, UK #1 single “Roll the Dice”, and “Free Time”, four time award winning U.K. #1 single, which has just been released in the US.

Like a raging tsunami Ian Guerin vibrantly and authentically writes songs from the heart…or should I say the heartbreak. Carefully choosing his lyrics, Ian sings from his soul. His R&B romantic touch defines his style and celebrates his destiny. His candid honesty goes beyond all smoke and mirrors. He tells the truth no matter how much it hurts.

 Bring us up to date on what is presently going on in your career?

 I’m still promoting my album “Irreplaceable”. It’s the singles tree that keeps on giving; I feel like Luis Fonsi with ‘Despacito’ or Lil Nas X with ‘Old Town Road’ when they tried to release albums, but their singles just kept on giving.

It’s the same for ‘Irreplaceable’, I’ve recorded over 5 collaborations & was starting to develop a sound for my next album — complete with a new anthem — & back we go because ‘Feature in Your Life’ has quietly become a playlists  favorite & then everybody’s favorite & that at the same time has pushed the popularity of my U.S. single ‘Free Time’ — so it gets more exposure & attention too.

Then there’s these award shows coming up where I’ll hopefully perform & they help get the word out on ‘Irreplaceable’ so I’m just thinking on recording more songs for a Deluxe Edition, because it’s clear to me there’s more to this album.

 What is the best advice that your parents have ever given you? 

 My mom — who is a Human Resources retiree — always tells me to never get mad at my team for getting things done wrong, because it happens in every company so I should see everyday work problems, not as a burden, but as what has to get done & overcome. She tells me I’m a company like everyone else’s, & I’m the CEO, so I have an obligation to be the best team player.

She also tells me my wish is my command so, if I’m brave enough to see it in my mind, I can hold it in my hands.

My dad told me from a young age (9) — when I came back from recording my first demo — that singers are cool, but songwriters are “the real deal.” He told me it was awesome that I wanted to sing, but that I do it singing my own stuff, because that way I could always be the ringleader of my show. I took it really badly for years — because I thought he was discouraging my singing — but I now know it’s true. You write your songs, you own your career, you don’t & someone else does. I can write for others & myself & then make it on both sides of the court. I thank him for that.

You are a glass of water, are you half empty or half full and why?

 I’m both. My glass is always half full of achievements, satisfaction & gratefulness, & half empty because there are new dreams & goals to attain.

You are standing in front of Macy’s naked and holding up a sign, what does the sign say?

“I’ll take the clothes large & the sponsorship check big & fat.” Smile with shades emoji.

If you could be anyone in history for one day who would it be and why?

I think it would have to be Fred Astaire cause I’m obsessed with real showmen. Those artists that needed nothing but a spotlight, their charm & their sharply rehearsed yet born-with talent. Those whose sole presence brought the house down anywhere they performed. Gene Kelly said “the history of dance in films begins with Astaire & he’s the only one who’ll be remembered.”

I’m captivated by his energy & by the era he lived in, when music & entertainment were real, & production did not run the show. I’d love to feel what those times were like through his eyes; because in truth I feel like an old soul that should’ve been alive & performing back then.

If you could perform anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

The O2 Arena. All my contemporary idols have done it, & to me, if you play the O2, you’ve made it. It’s the epitome of class in the capital of music. Michael did not get to do it or he would — to this day — hold the record for most shows. So O2 it is.

Do you believe that music can change the world?

 I think it can. It sure has the power to unite & that’s what we need, less greed, less hate, less ego, more love, more understanding, more empathy, common sense & care. It seems like we insist on using our privileged rationale to benefit us humans only, instead of all living beings.

Here we are the most intelligent beings in the planet acting so primal & positioning ourselves as the only animal on earth that does not contribute to its environment.

If we make music with substance — that’s not only fun but persuasive — then it’s repetition would definitely have an impact on people’s mindset.

To me there are songs so powerful that I feel like they’re a wonder of the world, yet I go out into it & few to none seem to understand that sentiment. I’d say the fans get it cause they’re equally as invested as I am, yet regular people — at least the vast majority of the ones I’ve come across — don’t seem to notice the moving power music.

Music can change your view & your vibe & it serves a purpose like everything else in life; it’s just a matter of wanting to see it & putting it to use. House pets have now discovered the relaxing power of classical music, so they’re now exploiting its purpose, yet here we humans are being humans thinking it’s only meaningless entertainment.

Do you have a hero or an idol, and if so who is it?

My heroes are my mom, my dad & sister, for putting me through the hard times, yet my idol is Michael Jackson.

The things that man had to endure in his life mentally & realistically speak volumes of the natural ability we have to overcome obstacles in our life. A lot of his loving fans follow me because of him & we all agree in the fact that he had a thick skin, because many of us wouldn’t have made it in his situation. He was completely forced to be different, first by his father, then by the public.

I think there is a merit to that level of achievement, regardless of the impossibilities, the insecurity & the trauma. He was a victim of physical abuse at an early age yet again he understood early that in life you dust yourself off & pick yourself up or you’re over.

That victim masquerade was just that. He was weird & spoiled & stubborn & made wrong choices, but don’t we all? He was unable — as many of us — to acknowledge his mistakes & blamed his lack of judgement on others. However, he was also a man who helped without bragging. The things he did choose to publicize were the ones that led people to paint the wrong picture.

He was never given enough credit & was judged my many when the saying goes: “the cleaner the closet door, the dirtier the skeletons within” & boy do we see some clean doors in many of those runny mouth’s households.

The court of public opinion is tough, even though he did put himself in vulnerable situations & made poor choices. I see the good & the bad in everything & Michael is no different.

Any new projects?

There are many. However, people need to follow me on social media to find out on a need-to-know basis, because I don’t want to jinx them.

What’s coming is big & we are in it together because, per usual, without the people that support me everything is just a dream. See all of you @iamianguerin on Instagram!

Watch the “Free Time” music video by Ian Guerin here:

Listen to  Ian Guerin on the web:

Ian Guerin Album “Irreplaceable” Streaming



“She’s The Last Model Standing” By Wendy Stuart Kaplan Available Worldwide

Dubbed by her friends “the Kathy Griffin of fashion”, Wendy’s hilarious, occasionally poignant story of how she became – and has remained for 30 years – one of the most successful “fit” models in the country (that size 8 you’re wearing might very well be based on Wendy Stuart Kaplan’s figure), is told with a Griffin-esque sense of humor untarnished by malice. From studying voodoo in Nigeria through years of taking mind-numbing jobs just to pay the rent, to her success in the present day where she can say of the women’s underwear sold at Wal-Mart, modeled on her size eight body, “I cover the asses of the masses.”

SHE’S THE LAST MODEL STANDING is an “only-in-New-York” tale and an addictive page-turner. Wendy’s humor, intelligence and unique analysis of the fashion/entertainment industry make this memoir a true stand-out in the field.

WENDY STUART KAPLAN is one of the top fit models in New York City.  An experienced “clothing technician” and a perfect size 8, she fits everything from outerwear to lingerie.  Her client roster is as eclectic as her career including Eileen Fisher, Roca Wear, London Fog Coats, Warnaco intimates and Christian Dior Swimwear.


As an actress, print model, and stand up comedienne, Wendy has worked in film, television and theatre and has made appearances on many syndicated and daytime talk shows.  Her fun personality and quick sense of humor made her a standout guest whether she was modeling unusual wedding gowns on Geraldo or selling shoes on Speigel TV.  Her ecclectic career also includes being voted Mrs. NY, going on to compete in the National Mrs. America pageant.

Wendy’s other interests include decorating and animals. Creating an oasis of country style living, her NYC apartment has been featured in many national decorating magazines.  Her original tips and creative ideas have made Wendy a sought after expert in country style.


Wendy’s deep love for animals extends to maintaining her own petting Zoo in her NYC apartment.  Her menagerie includes two angora rabbits, a chocolate colored longhaired Chihuahua, various hamsters and fish and a vociferous cockatoo named Louise.


Also residing with Wendy on the upper east side of Manhattan is her Commercial Photographer husband, Alan and their 14-year-old daughter Kyle.  The entire family has a deep passion for travel but is especially fond of and has made many visits to the Peruvian Amazon.



Get your copy of “She’s The Last Model Standing” by Wendy Stuart Kaplan on Amazon here:


The official website for Wendy Stuart Kaplan may be found at


Wicked Witch: A Phoenix Rising

He’s risen from the ashes like the great Phoenix, with a persona like a human tornado with a warped space whirling around a central singularity. He’s rubbed elbows with Ozzie Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Jeff Beck, Nancy Wilson, and David Oberlin from Korn who produced his newest music. He an artist as well as a singer/songwriter who is successfully following his own inspiration.

World meet “Wicked Witch!” Spawned from the waves of collaborative diversity, the art of thinking independently together, figuring out how to walk through the world together using differences as strengths. I first encountered him at the Grammy Soirée and I was sure he was exceptional. Then two weeks later I celebrated his presence at International designer Sue Wong’s Oscar Party and our fate was sealed…..

Wicked Witch has The Wicked Witch Foundation a vehicle to help new, unsigned artists rise. He is also planning an anti-bullying effort. I spoke to the Witch regarding his career and his future endeavors.

What inspired you to want to become part of the music world?

As a child I always loved music and I was always inspired by other artists and inspired by my mother’s work ethic. I just have a love for music and I always felt that one day I was going to be someone big.

What inspired your name, “Wicked Witch?”

I was at a concert accompanied by Ozzy Osbourne and he basically baptized me in front of a lot of people and that’s how Wicked Witch was born, right after that.

If you could have your ultimate stage fantasy what would have to happen?

Oh man….me on stage with Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne again, Marilyn Manson and all of us just jamming on stage.

When you were growing up who were your major musical influences?

There were a few artists, but they didn’t really inspire me too much to do the music. I always had my own mindset. I liked what they did as far as music, but it was my mom’s work ethic that gave me the drive within my family. I liked  JAY-Z, Incubus, Lincoln Park, Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne. There were a lot of artists like Whitney Houston inspiring me, their music inspired me but as far as me doing music I always felt like this is what I was supposed to do.

You’re almost about to release your single, do we have a date?

I chose April 1, 2020. It’s called “Molly” and it’s produced by Davy Oberlin. He’s a live keyboardist in the rock band Korn.

How did you get to meet him?

A lot of people just started connecting with me. They’ve been seeing a lot of different work that I’ve been putting out. There were a lot of different events that were interesting for them and they started hitting me up. A lot of people just want to start collaborating.

I’ve noticed some artwork on your media… that yours? Are you an artist as well? 

Yes I am.  I love drawing. A little bit about that, I’m launching my Wicked Witch fundraiser where I am creating handmade art work which will be definitely available to purchase. My artwork is inspired by my life story. I’m just painting different emotions of what I go through, I know a lot of people go through the same. Painting has always been a way to relax my mind.

You’re very well rounded artistic wise. You’re from New York?

Yes, Brooklyn New York.

What caused you to relocate to LA?

I always saw Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Callie artists on BET. I would notice the palm trees, I was looking at the weather and then in New York all I saw was the projects… I’m not discrediting where I’m from…. I loved it, but it’s real ghetto, it’s the hood, but here I was seeing a whole different environment. I always liked all the Hollywood stars out there and it’s like living the dream to be out there in California. I just had to keep working hard and just make a move. I had to find different places, get a job and everything in the beginning but then things started working out in my favor later on. So, I’m definitely blessed for that.

If you could help me ask you any question in the world what would that question be?

I love that question…I’ve never heard somebody say that…..that’s like a real serious question. How about what did it take for me to become so strong in this kind of industry?

Ok, what is it about you that made you so strong in such a tough, unforgiving industry?

It does take a lot! I would have to say that hitting rock-bottom because there was a point in time that it was either I stayed in Brooklyn or just kept on going. So, I just kept going. There was a point in time I was on the street. I used to walk around to try to figure out what I wanted to do. I was in another state at the time and I was trying to figure out that either I was going back home to New York, or I was going to keep going and make something out of it. So, I just kept going and remembered the crime and everything that I had gone through and it reminded me that if I didn’t keep going and stay focused, I could be back in that situation. That was one situation I definitely didn’t want to be in. I knew it would take a lot of hard work to get where I needed to go. I’m proud of myself, just moving to the grind never giving up. It’s like I’m inspiring my own self…. you just keep going. I want to inspire others at the same time during my journey.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself really doing the same thing that I’m doing right now but just leveling up. As far as my art I can see that getting better, my foundation I can see more unsigned artists just joining the foundation and making the change. As far as my music I want to hit the Billboards, Grammys, Oscars, that’s where I see myself… each category.

Are you working on any new projects at the moment?

I’m working on a project with Deep Roy (Charlie’s Chocolate Factory, Star Trek). That’s my boy…We’re working on a CD now. I’m going to be writing his raps. It’s going to be called The Witch and the something…I don’t know what he’s going to call himself …we gotta have a name and we’re going to have a 5 song EP. I’m also working on something different myself…I didn’t even do it yet, but it is so interesting. It’s a whole different style, a whole different person…

Explain The Wicked Witch Foundation?

As a child growing up, I always had a passion for music, acting and modeling. I’m going to inspire the unsigned talent. That’s what the Wicked Witch Foundation is about, inspiring, guiding, and providing…resources. I am offering opportunities to experience music, fashion, Red Carpets, and networking.

Follow Wicked Witch on IG:

Interview by Eileen Shapiro


“For The Love Of Jessee” The Award Winning Film By David McAbee To Be Released May 1, 2020

“Sometimes Love Is Born…..From Second Chances”

“For The Love Of Jessee,” the highly anticipated new award winning film from acclaimed writer/director David McAbee is being released on May 1, 2020.


After an accident leaves Doctor Luke Matthews (Randy Wayne) a widower and a father in a matter of hours, he must learn how to start over. When one of his former patients, Sage (Mandahla Rose) loses her baby to a miscarriage, Luke decides to hire her as a nanny. Much to his mother’s concern (Adrienne Barbeau), Sage takes the job and becomes a part of the family.

As Sage buries herself in taking care of baby Jessee, Luke loses himself in work, hiding his pain from his best friend (Tony Denman) and the rest of his family. Over time Luke and Sage find they have a lot more in common than just their love for Jessee.

The path to a second chance is filled with real life drama, heartache and redemption.

“For The Love Of Jessee” stars an amazing cast of talented actors, including Randy Wayne (Honey 2, Dukes of Hazard: The Beginning, Hellraiser: Judgement), Mandahla Rose (Wolf Creek 2, Venice: The Series, Alice & Iza), film legend Adrienne Barbeau (Maude, The Fog, Swamp Thing, Escape From New York), Bre Blair (Last Vegas, The Flash, S.W.A.T., The Baby-Sitters Club), and Tony Denman (Fargo, Grumpy Old Men, Little Big League, Sorority Boys).

“The film is about the beauty of being broken and how we deal with loss, love and even redemption. Sometimes we don’t feel worthy of a second chance, and this film is a fine example of how those second chances come in the strangest of ways.” – Writer/Director David McAbee

Watch the “For The Love Of Jessee” Trailer here:

“For The Love Of Jessee” will be available on May 1, 2020 on the following platforms:

Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudi, Comcast On Demand,,, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

For interviews or more information contact [email protected]



Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Scott H. Silverman

Overcoming Drug Abuse and Where to Get Help- This episode is one that will hit home with the lives of many. It will hit home with the lives of those who are currently using alcohol or other forms of self-medicating chemicals to anesthetize the feelings from some different events that have happened in their lives. It will perk up the ears of those who are close to a friend or loved one who is using or beginning to use a substance(s) and their lives are taking changing… not for the better.

Expert Guest, Scott H. Silverman, who is the author of “tell me no. I dare you!: A Guide for Living a Heroic Life” (Best Sellers list, Warwicks, San Diego and founder and president of “Second Chance,” a non-profit human services agency. He has become quite notable and has been named one of CNN’s “Heroes” for his work with the homeless and ex-offender populations, along with receiving numerous awards recognizing his leadership and dedication to community improvement, including the Henrietta Rubenstein Community Award.

Here are some excerpts from the show: “I’m one of those people that when my phone rings and I don’t recognize the phone number, I look forward to answering it because it could be someone who’s wanting and seeking help.” “I ended up hitting the fracture and re-breaking his leg. So from that moment forward, my life was changing.” “My teacher had a heart attack and they said, “We believe you’re responsible for this.” “He survived. But you know, so here I am in fifth grade and things just, escalating for me.” “I got sent to Arizona for a year to be in a special school and realized, “You know. Something’s wrong with me. I don’t get it. So early on in my teens, I started, you know picking up alcohol…” “…I was self-medicating at a young age. That’s kind of how things progressed. Then going through high school, escalated to other things marijuana…” “My trajectory continued on and I just simply progressed and got involved with methamphetamine and got involved with cocaine and then mixing hallucinogens…”

“That Saturday morning I went into treatment. That was back in November of 1984. I felt like I got a real second chance that day. I’ve done everything I can since that moment to do everything possible to be of service to others and have done it as a volunteer for decades. Now I’m doing it professionally and personally and volunteering, that’s kind of how I got here with you, is to be able to share some of that story, my experience, strength, and hope and now have a treatment center that I run. I’m also a crisis coach and a family navigator. Each day I wake up, like I said earlier, to try to help, buddy help, their family member, their loved one, get to the highest and best level of care and support they possibly can.”



Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Ray William (RW) Roldan

The lights illuminate on Rebecca’s guest, United States Navy Veteran Ray William Roldan, who is an artist, singer, songwriter, recording artist, performer, sculptor, poet, and owner of “Swing Samurai Music.” Ray William (RW) released several albums including “In California Country,” “Mended Fences,” “Where We Come From,” and “Can You Feel This?” He has been nominated for a number of “Song of the Year” awards and has been involved with other bands and compilations, one of which is,” Keepin’ It Country”((Vol. 1) a various artist compilation). He has worked all around the San Fernando Valley, in California immersing himself in the blues and Americana scene. He gravitated to-wards music and poetry, appreciating contemporary wordsmiths like Dylan and Dr. Seuss, as much as, American treasures such as Yates and began crafting his own indelible blend of country blues folk-rock – a sound that lands somewhere between Hank Williams and Cowboy Junkies. He has been working with producer Max Allyn who recently signed him to “AllsWell Records” imprint out of Nashville.

During the show, Ray William (RW) shared how being born to an outlaw biker father and his 16-year-old mother brought him to the coming of age in the “Los Angeles of the ’60s and ’70s.” His family had spent a few years of being homeless, prompting him to join the Navy at the age of 17. His young life was full of hard circumstances and difficult environments, but Ray William (RW) always seemed to soften things with his easy knack for storytelling.

Ray William (RW) also shared how his tenacity has now allowed him to split his time between his house in Topanga Hills, California and a newly-purchased dwelling (that once belonged to Fatty Arbuckle in Silverlake, California) where he has built a studio in the basement. It was professed to be haunted for the past 12 years, though he has found it to be a suitably creative environment to craft his songs.

This episode will encourage you to pursue your dreams no matter what type of background or situation you have faced or are facing. You may also connect and feel strength from the connection of Ray William’s music. The power of your destiny comes from within!


Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Jimmy Star

What a show! Floodlights are on guest, Jimmy Star, who is a TV /radio show host expert, famed publicist, celebrity clothing designer, “Amazon” best-selling author, editor, director, casting director, screenwriter, producer, and actor who has been in at least 70 films (“Incubus” and “Son of Morning” are two) and in many of the Marvel” comic book movies. He is well known for “The Jimmy Star Show with Ron Russell,” a TV show that climbed to be the #1 webshow in the world with over 4.5 million listens/views per week, was nominated to be on the ballot of the 2016 Emmy Awards, and was named the 5th most influential radio personality in the world. Jimmy has received many awards to include one from the prestigious Award-Winning “PR Maven,” who named him “Best Music Publicist in the United States” at the “Nashville Universe Music Awards.” Along with his weekly TV show and working as a publicist, he is involved with an upcoming comic book, “Celebrity Ghost Hunters,” so be on the lookout!

During this vibrant episode, Jimmy shared details about a chapter in his life where he had great success, “I started a clothing line and bought an old hotel in Pompano Beach, Florida and we turned it into kind of like a “Fred Segal.” I loved it! It’s a really cool store. In the hotel, we made every single room a different type of clothes and “everybody” came shopping there. Elton John came shopping there. People would bring in tour buses and they would do movie shoots and music video shoots! We made really wild clothes!”

He went on to tell the devastating effects of how that chapter of his life closed with a situation far too close to home for many running small businesses of their own and even for others who are dealing eminent domain issues and the “red tape” as some call it. But, as they say in the “Star” business… “THE SHOW MUST GO ON!”

Rebecca and Jimmy talked about so many gripping things; however, there is something the two shared in common you should check out, amongst other things, that is a great take away: If we would all pay-it-forward and help each other accomplish the things we set out to do, instead of focusing solely on ourselves, we would be working as a team and everyone would make money and achieve things we never thought possible!



Domestic Violence Isolation Stress Buster Event! 

Domestic Violence Expert,  Author of “V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events, and ” TV/Radio Show Host of “Rebecca Sounds Reville,” Rebecca L. Mahan, is offering a free event to provide tools, tips, and resources to those in unhealthy situations that are now under more pressure due to the global impact creating further isolation. The goal is to uplift, motivate, and create a healthy change.  You are personally invited and encouraged to invite and share the invitation with all those you know!

Embrace you!


Sat 3/28/20 @ 5:30 pm CST 



Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Lysa Nalin

In the limelight this episode is guest, Lysa Nalin, who is an accomplished photographer and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California in partnership with the infamous Harry Langdon. She has photographed iconic celebrities, press, red carpet events, and fashion magazines, but most of all loves bringing out the unique beauty that resides in even the shyest of subjects. Lysa is also an actress and art director who is known for her roles in “Tuff Turf,” “Scream of the Bikini,” and “Dreamrider,” and she is the producer/editor/DP of “The Last War We Ever Won / Stories from the Greatest Generation.”

After attending “USC, she had done theater, was an “extra” standing next to Meryl Streep, and was in some commercials. Later, she started writing and wrote music called, “Truth.” For her, this is where many different things, directing, music, and acting staring evolving as “they all felt the same;” she was able to express the creativity from within.

Lysa was able to work with Steven Spielberg’s DP and learned the art of lighting from watching…and there too “they are all about expressing yourself.” For Lysa, “photography is really great because I could show anybody themselves, in their highest self, and that will have an impact on them forever.” She went on to share “what is captured on the camera is what other people see and oftentimes, we don’t see the beauty until it’s shown to us. Sometimes it takes a long time. You look back at a picture- “Oh my god! I’m 30 and I’m so old!” and then you’re 50 and you’re like, “Oh my god! I was a child at 30!” and you look back on what you learned and it’s not as negative as you’re thinking in your own heart.” Rebecca replied, “When you see that change, from that moment forward, everything about the things in their life are no longer going to be the same. They may have the same situations or issues but, there’s gonna be something different about it that’s gonna ultimately lead them in a direction that is unlike where they’re at.”

During the show, you will garner so much about the concept of lighting and angles, and how perception can be applied to many different things in life, aside from just the elements of photography, that will allow you to become more confident, make healthier choices, and more!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Kadrolsha Ona Carole

Rebecca shined the light on her guest, who is known as “Queen of The Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona (KO) Carole TM” a pop culture icon, actress, author, radio and TV personality, part of the “Exorcist Legacy,” humanitarian and 12X “Paranormal Awards” winner, who has utilized her expertise hunting with crew members of popular TV shows, such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters International.” Kadrolsha is also an award-winning international executive film producer for “Tagteam Friendship Productions, LLC” and “Killer Bees Film Productions, LLC” and sits on the board of directors for both film production houses and is their New Hampshire Representation. She is the only paranormal celebrity of modern times to be inducted in the “Paranormal Hall of Fame” and has made comic book history by becoming the first person to be a comic book superhero doing what she does in real life, which debuted in “Haunted Tales of Batcheldor’s Grove.” Her comic book is titled, “Kadrolsha Ona Queen of the Paranormal in “The Healing.”” She is part of “Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.,” motion picture history with her contribution to the 40th Anniversary of “The Exorcist DVD on Blue Ray” and she hosts “Paranormal 13 News (P13N) on the Galaxy Global TV Network,” “Roku,” plus many more, including in airport televisions services.

Kadrolsha is collaborating on her first children’s book with the legendary 2X “Emmy Award” Winner, Bill Diamond, of “Jim Henson and the Muppet’s.” For the second book in the series, she is collaborating with Award-winning, Guy Gilchrist of the “Muppets,” who is an artist for Jim Henson.

Kadrolsa was featured in “BroadwayWorld Magazine” for her star role as “Madam Leonora,” for which she won an award in the silent film “Silent Times.” She is also the author of, “Ghosts and Legends of the Merrimack Valley” and “Ghosts of the New Hampshire Seacoast.”

This episode is packed with some exciting things that will surprise you, engage you, and give you a behind the scenes to the woman you may have thought you knew! Just one of the exciting things talked about on the show is what her response was when she was confronted with someone pointing a gun at her! She also shared how her children’s book will be used to empower children to overcome issues, such as victimization. You will want to keep your ears open as she reveals a major announcement in the works that with blow you away!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Patrick Harney

The spotlight is on guest Patrick Harney who began his acting career performing in musicals and then studied acting while attending Michigan State University, becoming involved in student films. During that time, he was nominated for a “Pulsar Award” in the category of “Best Lead Actor in a Musical” for his role as “Eddie Birdlace” in the musical, “Dogfight.” In 2016, he landed the supporting role of “Vince” in the MSU feature film called, “Sorta Late,” which premiered at the “Traverse City Film Festival.” Patrick later had the opportunity to have background work in Michael McCallum’s short film, “Eskimo Brothers” and Katheryn Bigelow’s, “Detroit” and also have a role in the pilot for a sci-fi series called, “Electron Blade” as “Sindricus.” In 2018, Patrick had the lead role of “Matt” in the film, “Scapegoat” and appear in the music video for “Torn Apart” by the metal band “Of Virtue.” His voice was utilized by SiN Studios to produce the video game “Tuebor,” as well as a short film called, “Letters.” In 2019, Patrick teamed up with Jeff Kapp, the director of “Scapegoat” to produce and star in Vigilant Entertainment’s feature film, “Locker 42.” In addition to recent projects, he had also taken his study further at the “Goteri Creative Arts Studio.”

During this episode, Patrick shared how his passion for entertainment started and continued to develop into a thriving career, with a delightful telling of tales along the way. By listening carefully, not only will you hear how successful he has been, you will gain some of his insight about things that are really important, such as how crucial having a support system is. Patrick also said vacation and hard work can take us places and that we can never give up on our dreams, which he emphasized. “What we have…we can really make a difference. So, keep pursuing those things. Don’t stop. Listen to the internal voice that you have and continue to just develop those things and skills, and your own uniqueness. Don’t make yourself a blueprint of everybody else.” Not only will you be entertained by this episode, but you will also gain great insight and inspiration, along with what’s up and coming from him, such as he “will be acting and producing on a movie set to start filming fall of 2020… so be on the lookout!

Instagram and Twitter: @PHarns194

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Taurean Peterson and Brad Williams

This double feature opens with guest, Taurean Peterson, who is the writer and director” known for “Vixens & Villains,” “Grit,” and “Grit.” He is also an actor with a background specializing in SEO, online marketing, and web design. His influence has continued to grow by taking all of his interest in film and turning it into two very successful films, “Grit” and “Grit.” After the “Grit” films, he did “Mr.Cutter,” a kind of throwback to the days of “Tales of from the Crypt.” These skills and the success he felt from those films brought “Vixens & Villains.” Taurean shared, “The storyline is pretty much about two private investigators who are hired by this lady who’s looking for her missing sister and when they start looking into the investigation they uncover a conspiracy that involves organized crime corporations and politicians.”

“…..action sequences and fight sequences area actually all done by the ladies so that’s going to be gonna be on some “KillBill” type stuff. Yeah, I have a lot of women that are going to be getting active on screen,” “…. damsels in distress, but the lead lady characters…they hold their own”

“… of the private investigators, it’s like a throwback to “Columbo” and the times of “Humphrey Bogart” with that with that “crime noir” type still, you know, with a little bit of an urban audience. They’re going to be able to see that the other private investigator, he’s more like “Will Smith” from “Bad Boys,” “Miami Vice” type stuff, but you don’t see other synergy works together on film, which is going to be something different, as well. So, we have all these different things in there and it’s all going to be intertwined.”

Taurean shared some tools with the audience for writers and those who want to know more about writing a screenplay. While you have to get the details from listening to the show, here is a tidbit: “being a good screenplay writer, it’s funny. Less is better and novel is more.”

Returning to the show is guest Brad Williams, CEO of “Williams Financial Services,” whose number one goal is to build a solid foundation for a financial house, that is YOUR financial house, and treat his clients as if they were his own parents.

The first topic discussed is bankruptcy. Brad shared that when you have a long expansion, meaning the market has gone up and people see their 401ks going up, they are more optimistic. Even with one issue being credit, when people feel good, they tend to buy things. Companies and stores make it really easy for you. Buy now pay later. People are just loaded with debt in a lot of areas from credit.

Another topic is the issue with the effects of college costs. Brad explained that with college, you have students who take twenty-forty thousand dollar student loans and they’re going away to college enrolled in a program that may not be marketable. That’s’ where there is a challenge. A cost-benefit assessment needs to be done before they take on that kind of debt. If not, it is necessary to reassess whether one should go in that degree field, take that loan, or even go to college at all.

There are many more helpful financial insights that may of use to you or someone you know!


Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Lisa Antonini

The spotlight shines on guest Lisa Antonini, the “Criminal Justice Reform Advocate” of “Concrete Pillow,” who earned both her Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and her Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Everest University. Her journey in reform began when a family member became incarcerated under the “Felony Murder Rule,” more commonly known as the “FMR.” She explained that under the “FMR,” it states that if you are present during the commission of a crime, and in the commission of that crime someone were to lose their life, you, as well as everyone else there, will be charged with first-degree felony murder. (Florida statutes and several other states). She then went on to become a “Criminal Justice Reform Advocate” with “Concrete Pillow” and utilizes her production company “Beach Bum Productions, LLC” to further offer education and an experience, but not legal advice, as there are no attorneys there, to those who experience a loved one incarcerated for a crime they did not commit.

Here are a couple of excerpts from the show:

Lisa shared- “So, while all this was going, on I’m going to call libraries and I’m trying to absorb as much as I can about the felony murder rule… and learn what I can …and find out if there’s a way that I could count that I can, got to be able to do something. And I ended up going back to college and I ended up with associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, and then a master’s degree in “Criminal Justice” so that I could really understand this.”

Lisa talked about her family member- “he was 18 years old at the time and he was with some friends. A friend had called asking for a favor and he got a group of other friends together to help this other friend out, and I wasn’t there, I can’t tell you exactly everything that took place during that meeting but, I can tell you that someone was there who was armed, he had a gun and one of the many ended up shot.” Rebecca asked, “Okay, let’s just stop right there so that we can make sure this is really clear. So here’s a situation where you have a family member that is in an area, he himself did not have a weapon but, somebody else did.”

The situation Lisa describes becomes more clear during the show and there is a lot of information that may be new to you. Often times, we go about our lives without enough knowledge about various things and use information passed onto us from what we hear. You may have heard the term “ignorance is no excuse of the law.” Meaning just because you did not know, does not mean you are excused from it. Therefore, what we can and cannot do and how it will affect us is important to know. In the event we find there is something that is unjust, then we have the knowledge and choice to decide if we want to take the steps to make a specific law change or “become just.” Though in the meantime, we still must abide by the law. We cannot sit and complain about something we do not know accurate information about or do not want to put the effort in to learn and expect to understand or have changes made. We have to become educated and use the legal process to make a change. We may not necessarily always like the way the justice system works, but this is our system and we are the best nation in the world.
Lisa is an example of one who made the decision to become educated on the legal system and laws, began taking steps to make a change, and offer support to educate others. Check out the show! This is very informative! * please note “FL” is not listed in the show link and must be entered as you see in this link to get to the correct page.