Film’s Riveting Message on Grief and Abuse

Film’s Riveting Message on Grief and Abuse








Winter Park, FL ., February 16, 2023/CELEBRE MEDIA VIP, LLC
Evie Ingle, trapped in grief and a continuum of abuse by the men in her life, takes matters into her own hands using her art as a dark catalyst for change. Years after losing her only child from stillbirth, Evie is confronted with the chance to rewrite her story and find her voice again. Through visual and sonic storytelling, the audience will experience Evie’s inner world without the use of dialogue.

While grief and abuse can be seen on screen, they are rarely portrayed in a manner so succinct that nearly everyone can identify. Kevin O’Neill, the writer and director of, with Melissa McNerney, who is the producer and actress in the film, have taken two underrepresented life issues and brought them to the screen in a way that is engaging, captivating, and will bring realization to an often unspoken side of abuse. The journey brings thought-provoking insight and a twist that is riveting!

The project is near completion and looking to make its way to a screen near you soon. This is a call for those who share in the passion of film, grief support, domestic violence, advocacy, and education to get involved and help shift perspective and effect change.

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Kevin O’Neill is an award-winning film director, screenwriter and producer who has been writing and directing short films for over 16 years. His films have been nominated for 39 awards and have won 59. Many of his film scripts tackle real stories from his past, from his father’s dementia and Alzheimer’s to his mother’s brain tumor to his real life coming-of-age story, Trestles. Kevin wrote 6 feature film scripts that range from comedy to drama to coming-of-age. Kevin has maintained involvement with the pitch of two television series in Los Angeles. One he created and wrote, Grace’s Diner and was the co-writer of Gone Dark. Kevin has taught acting in schools for over 30 years and is known for being a Course Director at Full Sail University. He has taught there for over 16 years, along with mentoring students in the bachelor’s program.

Melissa McNerney, founder of WinniePeg Productions, works both in front of and behind the camera as a producer and an actor. She has produced feature and short films, as well as mainstream editorial and commercial content. Her work has been given spotlight amongst national brands, on the global film festival circuit, in notable publications, and on major television networks and streaming platforms. She has worked on shows including: The Good Wife, All My Children, and Boardwalk Empire, Jacey in Spider & Jessie (with Mckenna Grace and Jesse Williams), Michelle in Celebrity Crush (with Oliver Robins, Poltergeist) and Chloe in Fingers (with Michael St. Michaels, The Greasy Strangler). She has appeared in 20 commercials and worked as a guest host on the Home Shopping Network. Melissa has been a member of Women in Film and Television Florida since 2016, served on the board and as branch chair for Tampa Bay from Winter 2018 – Spring 2021. She is also a member of the Screen Actors Guild.

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