Domestic Violence Isolation Stress Buster Event! 

Domestic Violence Expert,  Author of “V.O.T.E., Victims Overcoming Traumatic Events, and ” TV/Radio Show Host of “Rebecca Sounds Reville,” Rebecca L. Mahan, is offering a free event to provide tools, tips, and resources to those in unhealthy situations that are now under more pressure due to the global impact creating further isolation. The goal is to uplift, motivate, and create a healthy change.  You are personally invited and encouraged to invite and share the invitation with all those you know!

Embrace you!


Sat 3/28/20 @ 5:30 pm CST 



Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Lysa Nalin

In the limelight this episode is guest, Lysa Nalin, who is an accomplished photographer and filmmaker from Los Angeles, California in partnership with the infamous Harry Langdon. She has photographed iconic celebrities, press, red carpet events, and fashion magazines, but most of all loves bringing out the unique beauty that resides in even the shyest of subjects. Lysa is also an actress and art director who is known for her roles in “Tuff Turf,” “Scream of the Bikini,” and “Dreamrider,” and she is the producer/editor/DP of “The Last War We Ever Won / Stories from the Greatest Generation.”

After attending “USC, she had done theater, was an “extra” standing next to Meryl Streep, and was in some commercials. Later, she started writing and wrote music called, “Truth.” For her, this is where many different things, directing, music, and acting staring evolving as “they all felt the same;” she was able to express the creativity from within.

Lysa was able to work with Steven Spielberg’s DP and learned the art of lighting from watching…and there too “they are all about expressing yourself.” For Lysa, “photography is really great because I could show anybody themselves, in their highest self, and that will have an impact on them forever.” She went on to share “what is captured on the camera is what other people see and oftentimes, we don’t see the beauty until it’s shown to us. Sometimes it takes a long time. You look back at a picture- “Oh my god! I’m 30 and I’m so old!” and then you’re 50 and you’re like, “Oh my god! I was a child at 30!” and you look back on what you learned and it’s not as negative as you’re thinking in your own heart.” Rebecca replied, “When you see that change, from that moment forward, everything about the things in their life are no longer going to be the same. They may have the same situations or issues but, there’s gonna be something different about it that’s gonna ultimately lead them in a direction that is unlike where they’re at.”

During the show, you will garner so much about the concept of lighting and angles, and how perception can be applied to many different things in life, aside from just the elements of photography, that will allow you to become more confident, make healthier choices, and more!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Kadrolsha Ona Carole

Rebecca shined the light on her guest, who is known as “Queen of The Paranormal Kadrolsha Ona (KO) Carole TM” a pop culture icon, actress, author, radio and TV personality, part of the “Exorcist Legacy,” humanitarian and 12X “Paranormal Awards” winner, who has utilized her expertise hunting with crew members of popular TV shows, such as “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters International.” Kadrolsha is also an award-winning international executive film producer for “Tagteam Friendship Productions, LLC” and “Killer Bees Film Productions, LLC” and sits on the board of directors for both film production houses and is their New Hampshire Representation. She is the only paranormal celebrity of modern times to be inducted in the “Paranormal Hall of Fame” and has made comic book history by becoming the first person to be a comic book superhero doing what she does in real life, which debuted in “Haunted Tales of Batcheldor’s Grove.” Her comic book is titled, “Kadrolsha Ona Queen of the Paranormal in “The Healing.”” She is part of “Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.,” motion picture history with her contribution to the 40th Anniversary of “The Exorcist DVD on Blue Ray” and she hosts “Paranormal 13 News (P13N) on the Galaxy Global TV Network,” “Roku,” plus many more, including in airport televisions services.

Kadrolsha is collaborating on her first children’s book with the legendary 2X “Emmy Award” Winner, Bill Diamond, of “Jim Henson and the Muppet’s.” For the second book in the series, she is collaborating with Award-winning, Guy Gilchrist of the “Muppets,” who is an artist for Jim Henson.

Kadrolsa was featured in “BroadwayWorld Magazine” for her star role as “Madam Leonora,” for which she won an award in the silent film “Silent Times.” She is also the author of, “Ghosts and Legends of the Merrimack Valley” and “Ghosts of the New Hampshire Seacoast.”

This episode is packed with some exciting things that will surprise you, engage you, and give you a behind the scenes to the woman you may have thought you knew! Just one of the exciting things talked about on the show is what her response was when she was confronted with someone pointing a gun at her! She also shared how her children’s book will be used to empower children to overcome issues, such as victimization. You will want to keep your ears open as she reveals a major announcement in the works that with blow you away!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Patrick Harney

The spotlight is on guest Patrick Harney who began his acting career performing in musicals and then studied acting while attending Michigan State University, becoming involved in student films. During that time, he was nominated for a “Pulsar Award” in the category of “Best Lead Actor in a Musical” for his role as “Eddie Birdlace” in the musical, “Dogfight.” In 2016, he landed the supporting role of “Vince” in the MSU feature film called, “Sorta Late,” which premiered at the “Traverse City Film Festival.” Patrick later had the opportunity to have background work in Michael McCallum’s short film, “Eskimo Brothers” and Katheryn Bigelow’s, “Detroit” and also have a role in the pilot for a sci-fi series called, “Electron Blade” as “Sindricus.” In 2018, Patrick had the lead role of “Matt” in the film, “Scapegoat” and appear in the music video for “Torn Apart” by the metal band “Of Virtue.” His voice was utilized by SiN Studios to produce the video game “Tuebor,” as well as a short film called, “Letters.” In 2019, Patrick teamed up with Jeff Kapp, the director of “Scapegoat” to produce and star in Vigilant Entertainment’s feature film, “Locker 42.” In addition to recent projects, he had also taken his study further at the “Goteri Creative Arts Studio.”

During this episode, Patrick shared how his passion for entertainment started and continued to develop into a thriving career, with a delightful telling of tales along the way. By listening carefully, not only will you hear how successful he has been, you will gain some of his insight about things that are really important, such as how crucial having a support system is. Patrick also said vacation and hard work can take us places and that we can never give up on our dreams, which he emphasized. “What we have…we can really make a difference. So, keep pursuing those things. Don’t stop. Listen to the internal voice that you have and continue to just develop those things and skills, and your own uniqueness. Don’t make yourself a blueprint of everybody else.” Not only will you be entertained by this episode, but you will also gain great insight and inspiration, along with what’s up and coming from him, such as he “will be acting and producing on a movie set to start filming fall of 2020… so be on the lookout!

Instagram and Twitter: @PHarns194

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Taurean Peterson and Brad Williams

This double feature opens with guest, Taurean Peterson, who is the writer and director” known for “Vixens & Villains,” “Grit,” and “Grit.” He is also an actor with a background specializing in SEO, online marketing, and web design. His influence has continued to grow by taking all of his interest in film and turning it into two very successful films, “Grit” and “Grit.” After the “Grit” films, he did “Mr.Cutter,” a kind of throwback to the days of “Tales of from the Crypt.” These skills and the success he felt from those films brought “Vixens & Villains.” Taurean shared, “The storyline is pretty much about two private investigators who are hired by this lady who’s looking for her missing sister and when they start looking into the investigation they uncover a conspiracy that involves organized crime corporations and politicians.”

“…..action sequences and fight sequences area actually all done by the ladies so that’s going to be gonna be on some “KillBill” type stuff. Yeah, I have a lot of women that are going to be getting active on screen,” “…. damsels in distress, but the lead lady characters…they hold their own”

“… of the private investigators, it’s like a throwback to “Columbo” and the times of “Humphrey Bogart” with that with that “crime noir” type still, you know, with a little bit of an urban audience. They’re going to be able to see that the other private investigator, he’s more like “Will Smith” from “Bad Boys,” “Miami Vice” type stuff, but you don’t see other synergy works together on film, which is going to be something different, as well. So, we have all these different things in there and it’s all going to be intertwined.”

Taurean shared some tools with the audience for writers and those who want to know more about writing a screenplay. While you have to get the details from listening to the show, here is a tidbit: “being a good screenplay writer, it’s funny. Less is better and novel is more.”

Returning to the show is guest Brad Williams, CEO of “Williams Financial Services,” whose number one goal is to build a solid foundation for a financial house, that is YOUR financial house, and treat his clients as if they were his own parents.

The first topic discussed is bankruptcy. Brad shared that when you have a long expansion, meaning the market has gone up and people see their 401ks going up, they are more optimistic. Even with one issue being credit, when people feel good, they tend to buy things. Companies and stores make it really easy for you. Buy now pay later. People are just loaded with debt in a lot of areas from credit.

Another topic is the issue with the effects of college costs. Brad explained that with college, you have students who take twenty-forty thousand dollar student loans and they’re going away to college enrolled in a program that may not be marketable. That’s’ where there is a challenge. A cost-benefit assessment needs to be done before they take on that kind of debt. If not, it is necessary to reassess whether one should go in that degree field, take that loan, or even go to college at all.

There are many more helpful financial insights that may of use to you or someone you know!