Tony Tosh Superhero

By Bill Tosh

Do you know Tony? If not, you should. Tony was born with diffused organic brain syndrome, a fancy group of words that describes, among other things, not enough oxygen making it to his brain.

That meant a lot of his brain cells were left depleted. The doctor said he would never go past, at the very best, a six-grade mentality. He also said Tony would be disabled for life.

As Tony got older, the struggles increased, along with the monsters. There have been those, some very close to him, who have said words like, “you’re an embarrassment,” “are you stupid or something?” and cruel words including “retard,” by those who should know better.

One day through the power of prayer, Tony decided he was not disabled. That meant he was going to be, as he puts it, ” just like everyone else.” He decided he would live on his own, work a job, and live the American dream, a wife and kids, a house, the whole 9 yards. He took himself off of social security disability and worked a long list of jobs.

Tony has been able to live on his own now for over 17 years. Though he still struggles in areas, he continues to pray for others and his numerous dreams. Through the power of prayer and sheer determination, Tony has defied science. He graduated high school, ran track, and was on the swim team. (Not to mention having left a long list of doctors scratching their heads.) By November, he will need a dependable vehicle to keep working towards fulfilling his dream.

If it is prayerfully in your heart, would you head over to the GoFundMe site to learn more and contribute?

If you are not able to contribute financially, would you leave a comment of encouragement for Tony? Please mention to others Tony’s story, so they too could be inspired by his journey.

Thank you for taking a few minutes to get to know Tony Tosh.