Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Jess Ellis

Make your own opportunities! This episode spotlights guest, Jess Ellis, who shared excitement in making your own opportunities, creating content, how he mastered playing several instruments, along with what happens while performing on stage, and how to get acting jobs. In addition, he described how he started doing sketches from a very young age and how the show’s host, Rebecca, was involved in this. There are a lot of smiles and laughs that will brighten your day and you will get the resources to get more joy and laughter through the work (“fun”) he performs. Delightful!!! (If you are listening on audio, be sure to check out the show on YouTube.)

Jess is an Improv and Stand-up comedian and writer from Los Angeles. He has trained and performs regularly at The Second City, UCB LA. He is also an actor and director known for TMI Hollywood (2012), TMI Celebrity Minute (2016) and Open Houses (2017). Jess’ love for the arts started practically at birth and led him to study Jazz piano and guitar. When Jess isn’t performing, he can usually be found binge eating Doritos and writing music.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Robert Joseph Palmer


It is ALL ABOUT YOU! This episode is filled with information on how you can make your life dreams become reality with steps on where you can learn how to do that and expand your knowledge in abundance. Guest, Robert Joseph Palmer, shares about his workshops and how they can make a difference. He said “I love what I’m doing and it’s important to try and help other people do that. If you follow your love, follow your excitement, you’ll never work a day in your life and it can be exciting and fun and easy and simple and that’s what it’s all about.” He described how he is able to equip others, “…we have five schools full of tools that enables you to reveal that, that true nature of yourself and reveal what you need, when you need it, and that’s abundance.” “Whether it’s your book, your business, your blog, your presentation, and whatever passion you have, you throw it into that five workshop system and out pops this finished product brought to fruition!” He also made a great statement for all to think about and absorb, “…we’re all artists and we, we’re masters over this immense studio of all of our creation.” Be empowered and tune-in!

Robert Joseph Palmer is a Writing Coach, Leadership Development Specialist and Entrepreneur Coach. He has been an educator and school leader for 25 years. Robert taught at Eton Academy, a National Exemplary School in Birmingham, MI, for six years and Royal Oak Alternative Education for 11 years where he co-founded the school. He has now founded three schools. Constantly encouraged for years, Palmer finally decided to create The Raven Institute, offering five schools of personal and professional mastery in a new consciousness. RAVEN’ S offerings are available throughout MI, nationwide, and internationally.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Chris Twomey

Are you pursuing your dreams? During this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Chris Twomey about the roles he has played in the films he has been cast in, along with the pursuit of following your dreams. Here is an excerpt: “Oftentimes, we have these dreams and we don’t pursue them. We go into the career field and we get a job and we just do those things. Then we just go on this other path and it doesn’t lead anywhere, but you on the other hand, have started pursuing some of the dreams that you’ve had and gone into acting.” Tune in and find out not only insight into this actor and new films, but the inspiration to follow your dreams!
Chris Twomey was born on April 14th 1969 on base at Quantico, Virginia, USA as Christopher Drummond Twomey. He is an aspiring actor that grew up in the military world, played football, worked in the IT field for twenty years and is an amateur bodybuilder. He was an extra in the movie The Last Castle filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Chris Twomey is known for his role as Bruce in the feature film Preacher Six and is cast as Agent Ryan Chandler in Dead Exit, which is a TV series in pre-production.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with David Solano



Uncovering hidden insights that can change your life! This episode brings powerful insight with the focus on not placing limits on yourself. “Don’t say, “Okay, I only should do this.” It’s really important to be able to say, “I can do all of these things. I could take on this extra class and I don’t limit myself to just learning about safe finances or just health care. I can learn about all of these other areas.”” Rebecca talked about how one can obtain additional degrees without putting in extra time and guest David Solano shared an opportunity on how to enhance your life. He said, “Get your message out in a video snip of a few minutes, you’ve got a person’s attention and whether you’re doing it through an email or you’re doing it through a newsletter…” He shared “The product that I found called, “Talk Fusion” uses three different segments. It uses what we’re doing now, a live webinar, it also incorporates the video newsletter and video email.”

Guest, First Lieutenant David Solano, is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a Cyber Security Practitioner/Project Manager. He started his career in aerospace maintenance and then communication for SATCOM. Upon receiving his commission in the Air Force and in the New York National Guard he was in Information Systems Office for Maintenance and served as a Tactical Engineer for his unit and was also in logistics engineering in the support division. Parallel to his military service, he was a Systems Engineer with Grumman Aerospace and performed logistics engineering in the support division for Grumman He has worked with foreign military and then went into the private sector an Information Technology Project Manager in the healthcare industry. David currently serves on several industry advisory boards for the Cyber Workforce Alliance, CUNY, and the NYC Department of Education. also by serving on the board of directors and proudly serves as Vice President of New York Metro InfraGard, a 501(c)3 aligned with the US DOJ FBI on protection of critical infrastructure. He is a guest lecturer and mentor for several cybersecurity college programs and is also Chairman of the Bayside High School Career Technology Education Industry Advisor Board, where he connects students with internships from the local business partners.

David_ [email protected]

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Steven P. Hamm


During this episode, Rebecca talks with Steven P. Hamm in a candid conversation about his life as a soldier, Lifeflight helicopter pilot, and roles as an actor. The details are ones you won’t want to miss! Here is an excerpt that can be applied to your life, but tune-in so you don’t miss the entire scoop!

“I really want the audience to absorb this and keep this in their mind and in their heart because through life and part of life there is going to be trauma. This is a fact and what we need to do is realize that we have to find a good heart and keep that in our mind so that we can move through these things that are going to happen” “Another thing that you mentioned is that you went home and you talked to your children about these things and so why is this important? It is important because when we experience something, one our family members can know that we’re human too, but another thing is we can put an action plan into place on how we want to interact with our family so that we can always be sure that we show and let the other one know that we love each other. So something does happen, that they can rest assured that that love it’s there. So, there’s strategies that we can put in place to sort of help us get through different situations.” “When things do occur and they’re going to occur, and oftentimes when situations happen that mental health things take place, like anxieties manifest, oftentimes, they come because we aren’t prepared”… “ we can’t always be prepared for them, but we can be fired for the best of it- you know ahead of time by learning good coping skills.”

Steven P. Hamm is an American film actor known for Crisis in the Valley, Taken Over and Acts of Violence. After graduation from high school, he joined the Army as a helicopter mechanic. He eventually applied for and was accepted into rotary wing flight school and subsequently earned his flight wings. After multiple overseas deployments, including Iraq and Afghanistan, Steve decided to officially retire after 23 1/2 years. When Steve isn’t on a film set, he is working as a Lifeflight helicopter pilot. Steve’s breakout in film was a supporting role as “Anthony King” in the independent project “Crisis in the Valley”. He since has been cast in numerous independent and commercial projects including a YouTube science fiction web-series known as “Cold Blooded” where he plays “Dr. Bradley”