Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Robert Joseph Palmer


It is ALL ABOUT YOU! This episode is filled with information on how you can make your life dreams become reality with steps on where you can learn how to do that and expand your knowledge in abundance. Guest, Robert Joseph Palmer, shares about his workshops and how they can make a difference. He said “I love what I’m doing and it’s important to try and help other people do that. If you follow your love, follow your excitement, you’ll never work a day in your life and it can be exciting and fun and easy and simple and that’s what it’s all about.” He described how he is able to equip others, “…we have five schools full of tools that enables you to reveal that, that true nature of yourself and reveal what you need, when you need it, and that’s abundance.” “Whether it’s your book, your business, your blog, your presentation, and whatever passion you have, you throw it into that five workshop system and out pops this finished product brought to fruition!” He also made a great statement for all to think about and absorb, “…we’re all artists and we, we’re masters over this immense studio of all of our creation.” Be empowered and tune-in!

Robert Joseph Palmer is a Writing Coach, Leadership Development Specialist and Entrepreneur Coach. He has been an educator and school leader for 25 years. Robert taught at Eton Academy, a National Exemplary School in Birmingham, MI, for six years and Royal Oak Alternative Education for 11 years where he co-founded the school. He has now founded three schools. Constantly encouraged for years, Palmer finally decided to create The Raven Institute, offering five schools of personal and professional mastery in a new consciousness. RAVEN’ S offerings are available throughout MI, nationwide, and internationally.