Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Steven P. Hamm


During this episode, Rebecca talks with Steven P. Hamm in a candid conversation about his life as a soldier, Lifeflight helicopter pilot, and roles as an actor. The details are ones you won’t want to miss! Here is an excerpt that can be applied to your life, but tune-in so you don’t miss the entire scoop!

“I really want the audience to absorb this and keep this in their mind and in their heart because through life and part of life there is going to be trauma. This is a fact and what we need to do is realize that we have to find a good heart and keep that in our mind so that we can move through these things that are going to happen” “Another thing that you mentioned is that you went home and you talked to your children about these things and so why is this important? It is important because when we experience something, one our family members can know that we’re human too, but another thing is we can put an action plan into place on how we want to interact with our family so that we can always be sure that we show and let the other one know that we love each other. So something does happen, that they can rest assured that that love it’s there. So, there’s strategies that we can put in place to sort of help us get through different situations.” “When things do occur and they’re going to occur, and oftentimes when situations happen that mental health things take place, like anxieties manifest, oftentimes, they come because we aren’t prepared”… “ we can’t always be prepared for them, but we can be fired for the best of it- you know ahead of time by learning good coping skills.”

Steven P. Hamm is an American film actor known for Crisis in the Valley, Taken Over and Acts of Violence. After graduation from high school, he joined the Army as a helicopter mechanic. He eventually applied for and was accepted into rotary wing flight school and subsequently earned his flight wings. After multiple overseas deployments, including Iraq and Afghanistan, Steve decided to officially retire after 23 1/2 years. When Steve isn’t on a film set, he is working as a Lifeflight helicopter pilot. Steve’s breakout in film was a supporting role as “Anthony King” in the independent project “Crisis in the Valley”. He since has been cast in numerous independent and commercial projects including a YouTube science fiction web-series known as “Cold Blooded” where he plays “Dr. Bradley”