Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Chris Twomey

Are you pursuing your dreams? During this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Chris Twomey about the roles he has played in the films he has been cast in, along with the pursuit of following your dreams. Here is an excerpt: “Oftentimes, we have these dreams and we don’t pursue them. We go into the career field and we get a job and we just do those things. Then we just go on this other path and it doesn’t lead anywhere, but you on the other hand, have started pursuing some of the dreams that you’ve had and gone into acting.” Tune in and find out not only insight into this actor and new films, but the inspiration to follow your dreams!
Chris Twomey was born on April 14th 1969 on base at Quantico, Virginia, USA as Christopher Drummond Twomey. He is an aspiring actor that grew up in the military world, played football, worked in the IT field for twenty years and is an amateur bodybuilder. He was an extra in the movie The Last Castle filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Chris Twomey is known for his role as Bruce in the feature film Preacher Six and is cast as Agent Ryan Chandler in Dead Exit, which is a TV series in pre-production.