Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Jess Ellis

Make your own opportunities! This episode spotlights guest, Jess Ellis, who shared excitement in making your own opportunities, creating content, how he mastered playing several instruments, along with what happens while performing on stage, and how to get acting jobs. In addition, he described how he started doing sketches from a very young age and how the show’s host, Rebecca, was involved in this. There are a lot of smiles and laughs that will brighten your day and you will get the resources to get more joy and laughter through the work (“fun”) he performs. Delightful!!! (If you are listening on audio, be sure to check out the show on YouTube.)

Jess is an Improv and Stand-up comedian and writer from Los Angeles. He has trained and performs regularly at The Second City, UCB LA. He is also an actor and director known for TMI Hollywood (2012), TMI Celebrity Minute (2016) and Open Houses (2017). Jess’ love for the arts started practically at birth and led him to study Jazz piano and guitar. When Jess isn’t performing, he can usually be found binge eating Doritos and writing music.