Rebecca Sounds Reveille with David Solano



Uncovering hidden insights that can change your life! This episode brings powerful insight with the focus on not placing limits on yourself. “Don’t say, “Okay, I only should do this.” It’s really important to be able to say, “I can do all of these things. I could take on this extra class and I don’t limit myself to just learning about safe finances or just health care. I can learn about all of these other areas.”” Rebecca talked about how one can obtain additional degrees without putting in extra time and guest David Solano shared an opportunity on how to enhance your life. He said, “Get your message out in a video snip of a few minutes, you’ve got a person’s attention and whether you’re doing it through an email or you’re doing it through a newsletter…” He shared “The product that I found called, “Talk Fusion” uses three different segments. It uses what we’re doing now, a live webinar, it also incorporates the video newsletter and video email.”

Guest, First Lieutenant David Solano, is a veteran of the United States Air Force and a Cyber Security Practitioner/Project Manager. He started his career in aerospace maintenance and then communication for SATCOM. Upon receiving his commission in the Air Force and in the New York National Guard he was in Information Systems Office for Maintenance and served as a Tactical Engineer for his unit and was also in logistics engineering in the support division. Parallel to his military service, he was a Systems Engineer with Grumman Aerospace and performed logistics engineering in the support division for Grumman He has worked with foreign military and then went into the private sector an Information Technology Project Manager in the healthcare industry. David currently serves on several industry advisory boards for the Cyber Workforce Alliance, CUNY, and the NYC Department of Education. also by serving on the board of directors and proudly serves as Vice President of New York Metro InfraGard, a 501(c)3 aligned with the US DOJ FBI on protection of critical infrastructure. He is a guest lecturer and mentor for several cybersecurity college programs and is also Chairman of the Bayside High School Career Technology Education Industry Advisor Board, where he connects students with internships from the local business partners.