Surviving on 2% AG


by Rebecca L. Mahan

Surviving on 2% AG

In the midst of the Covid economy, we are seeing significant changes in many areas. For example, there are shipping delays to the extreme, vehicle manufacturers waiting for parts, leaving many car lots with only pre-owned cars on the lot, employees walking off the job in droves, businesses closing down, and most importantly, concerns with the food supply.

What kind of concerns are being seen? The slow increase in the price of food, food being able to be processed from the fields to the shelves, and the transportation thereof when the crops are harvested.

The most often overlooked and misunderstood area related to food is farming. According to the PSA, farmers make up less than 2% of the population, yet provide food to nearly 300,030 million, yes million people. The costs involved can be significant when the expenses involved are increasing from demand in labor rates and lack of materials. Employers are having to pay more for labor due to the difficulty in obtaining those who are willing to work and have to pay more for materials due to supply issues. If farmers can’t get the supply to grow, harvest, and produce cattle and crops, then there lies a  new problem-food shortage, When farmers are able to get limited materials to perform production, food prices soar.

In this short, informative public service announcement, the video defines what farmers want us to know… understanding what farmers face and how it affects you, such as an increase in real estate development, raising cattle and growing crops, and current regulations in the industry.

The PSA was produced by Dennis Mallen – DWM Group, in association with Austin Spicer – Spicer Productions.

Please take a few minutes to watch the PSA, tag, and relay to your feeds.