Announcing Best Western at the Cannes World Film Festival

Announcing Best Western at the Cannes World Film Festival

Killer Miller was awarded Best Western at the Cannes World Film Festival. Cannes is known for their IMDb worldwide qualifying monthly and annual competitions for all genres with dedication to Feature Films, Experimental Films, Shorts, Documentaries, TV/Web Series, Commercials, and Music Videos, with additional focus on other categories, such as Animations. The awards given are quite prestigious and are highly sought after.

The July 2021 honor is given to Austin Spicer, who is a director, producer, and cinematographer, known for  Killer Miller (2021), Last Man Standing (2021), and Game Over (2020), showcasing how skilled and well-rounded he is at delivering an award-winning film. This however is not the first award for this film, it is trending with 17 awards!

The film moves with the journey of the most feared and respected Texas Ranger of them all, Henry “Killer” Miller. Killer Miller trails a couple of murderous, outlaw brothers and is portrayed by Dennis Mallen. Mallen’s performance is so captivating it captures the attention of the judges at the Eastern Europe International Movie Awards (EEIMA), earning him the Gold Award Winner-Best Actor. 

Dennis is a brand ambassador, voice artist, actor, and executive producer, known for Killer Miller, The Mad Hatter, Life’s Rewards, and Daddy We’re Back, along with many commercials and multiple film and tv shows. This film was inspired by the best-selling novel, “Killer Miller” by R.J. Hendricks II and has a talented palette of supporting actors, including: Michael Milhoan as Lou, Les McDowell as Sheriff Walt, Ken Winkle as Lee Hawkins, and Ben Tubbs as Bob Hawkins

There is nothing shy of having a film that has garnered 17 awards with a Gold Award Winner- Best Actor by those significant in the entertainment industry. Keep your eyes wide open and be ready for this Best Western to take you on the journey with Killer Miller!

Cannes World Film Festival July Winners:

Austin Spicer:

Hailey Spicer (Killer Miller Cinematographer)

Dennis Mallen

Killer Miller the book:

Killer Miller the film:

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“For The Love Of Jessee” The Award Winning Film By David McAbee To Be Released May 1, 2020

“Sometimes Love Is Born…..From Second Chances”

“For The Love Of Jessee,” the highly anticipated new award winning film from acclaimed writer/director David McAbee is being released on May 1, 2020.


After an accident leaves Doctor Luke Matthews (Randy Wayne) a widower and a father in a matter of hours, he must learn how to start over. When one of his former patients, Sage (Mandahla Rose) loses her baby to a miscarriage, Luke decides to hire her as a nanny. Much to his mother’s concern (Adrienne Barbeau), Sage takes the job and becomes a part of the family.

As Sage buries herself in taking care of baby Jessee, Luke loses himself in work, hiding his pain from his best friend (Tony Denman) and the rest of his family. Over time Luke and Sage find they have a lot more in common than just their love for Jessee.

The path to a second chance is filled with real life drama, heartache and redemption.

“For The Love Of Jessee” stars an amazing cast of talented actors, including Randy Wayne (Honey 2, Dukes of Hazard: The Beginning, Hellraiser: Judgement), Mandahla Rose (Wolf Creek 2, Venice: The Series, Alice & Iza), film legend Adrienne Barbeau (Maude, The Fog, Swamp Thing, Escape From New York), Bre Blair (Last Vegas, The Flash, S.W.A.T., The Baby-Sitters Club), and Tony Denman (Fargo, Grumpy Old Men, Little Big League, Sorority Boys).

“The film is about the beauty of being broken and how we deal with loss, love and even redemption. Sometimes we don’t feel worthy of a second chance, and this film is a fine example of how those second chances come in the strangest of ways.” – Writer/Director David McAbee

Watch the “For The Love Of Jessee” Trailer here:

“For The Love Of Jessee” will be available on May 1, 2020 on the following platforms:

Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, Vudi, Comcast On Demand,,, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy.

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