Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Eddie Ghabour

Just how fast does life go by? We want to talk about retirement because we usually don’t. Everything else tends to draw our attention away from this essential topic, but if we put it off, we can face some serious consequences. Early in life, the days seem so long and arduous and when we wake up in the morning, we think the day seems to go on forever and there is so much to do. Then later, we realize a week has gone by or a month has gone by. Then, oftentimes, we look back and the decades have gone by. It is at this point where many people realize that life had gone by too fast and the retirement inquires or planning they were going to do never got done. And now what?

Guest, Eddie Ghabour, co-owner and managing partner of Key Advisors Group, LLC, returns to share how to prevent letting life pass your retirement by or even “goodbye.” Eddie graduated from York College of Pennsylvania with a degree in Economics and Finance and in1998, he began a successful career in financial planning. In 2000, he started Key Advisors Group, LLC with his business partner and since then has qualified for the prestigious, MDRT (membership is based on sales criteria), Court of the Table, and Top of the Table honors each year. Eddie is an Investment Advisor Representative who offers investment advisory services through WFG Advisors, LP. He is also insurance-licensed in Delaware and author of The Common-Sense Bull, The Keys to the Good Life Before and During Retirement.

Specializing in money management, Eddie also focuses on retirement and estate planning strategies for his clients, He works with local CPAs and attorneys implementing tax saving strategies to help clients protect their hard-earned assets from unnecessary taxation. He is also a member of the local Chamber of Commerce and The National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors.

Eddie, his wife Lauren, and their sons Eddie and Elijah reside in Milton, Delaware. In his free time, Eddie volunteers as a coach for Lewes Little League. When Eddie is not working or coaching on the baseball diamond he can usually be found enjoying the sun at the beach, or on the golf course.

In many areas of our life, we can put things on the back burner, such as our finance, and not take a hard look at them under there is a situation that is dire. At that point, it is too late and you have to resort to taking drastic measures like selling off prized possessions or taking out loans and stacking up debt. In many areas of life, such as fitness, a professional athlete will have a personal trainer help them get to achieve a goal. The athlete becomes accountable. When we become accountable to ourselves and dedicate ourselves to something important, we succeed. This is Eddie’s coaching style, where about every 3 months he is coaching you to achieve your goals and help you succeed.

Stop for a minute. Don’t let time just pass your retirement by.