Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Debbie Boyd

What’s your strategy? We often think about what we are going to use our paycheck for. This amount of it goes here. This amount goes there. How much do I have to pay my bills and how much there is to invest? What is the rate of return and how much money do I need to make it worth it? Today’s guest talks about some of these important questions, “What is money? Is money something to be spent freely, donated, and cherished, or is it something that you hoard and you hang on to and you don’t let anybody close to because you’re afraid that you’ll lose it?” She also brings some other food for thought and gives very in-depth detail on reverse mortgages. One of the things she shared, “Rates are at an all-time low, so everybody goes, “Well, why would you leverage it now? Times are good.” That’s when you do it. You don’t do it when times are bad. So, I think we need to kind of have an education from an outside third party. Not with our family. Not with someone you don’t go to. Someone that has money to help you regulate how to make money. You only go to people that make money to help you make money.” She also explained the misconceptions surrounding what people have been told about reverse mortgages. “What a reverse mortgage does it actually gives us more ways to get cash flow.” She also details what and why this could be beneficial in the event the homeowner were to pass away. There is a lot of information! Grab a pen and paper!

Guest, Debbie Boyd, is CEO of DLB Financial and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and is the radio host on her show, Money Strategies with Debbie, which has been aired for over a decade dicing complicated financial news into easy to understand pieces brings some eye-opening facts about finances to this episode. Debbie is also an educator whereby she speaks frequently with university students in business classes about money and finance has been helping clients over the last 20 years with their investments, mortgages, and insurance needs.