Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Christopher Jordan musician

During this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Christopher Jordan the owner and CEO of “HC Universal Network, LLC.” He has over 35 years of experience combined in live audio-video engineering, audio record operations, graphics, video mixing and switching, editing, web streaming, and much more. He is also the host of two radio/podcast shows, “Dudes n Beer” and “Talking Sound Podcast” with over a combined 35 years experience in the media and entertainment field.
Christopher is a talented composer and recording artist whose incorporating styles range from traditional electronica and ambient to experimental and even brainwave synthesis into his music. He is known as No Disassemble and has been compared to electronic artists such as Kraftwerk, using mixed media visualizations to his music.
Originally from Houston, musician and audio engineer Christopher Jordan began his journey of composing and recording electronic music in the late 90s and was a monthly recurring guest for five years on 90.1 KPFT’s Sunday avant-garde music program.
Since that time, Christopher has recorded numerous albums varying from standard electronic music, to albums incorporating the frequencies of the planets and binaural beats. Christopher has also been experimenting in the studio with making music utilizing real-time brainwaves to drive his synthesizers and producing mixed media visualizations to his music.
Most recently, Christopher has been publishing his music through the HC Universal Network where he produces and hosts numerous podcasts as well as composing music for use by podcasters within this network and beyond.

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