Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Kevin Douglas Wright


Where do our views about the world we live in come from? Are we aware of where, how, when, or why we learned a particular point of view about something or someone? To bring about change whereby people can overcome barriers and biases that have been carried on generationally, we all need to take a look at how we came to know the views we currently hold. One such person set out to prove just how different things can be by doing so.

This episode brings guest, Kevin Douglas Wright, who is an American author, screenwriter, film director, film producer, cinematographer, and film editor of “I Learned It From You,” a documentary available on Amazon Prime Video, which is described, “Sometimes what someone teaches can have deadly consequences. Are you in danger? Six randomly selected people are interviewed. Their real-life stories consistently reveal someone teaching something that has been responsible for destroying people, cities, states, and countries, in front of our eyes, for hundreds of years. [ Officially Selected by three film festivals and now a Best-Selling book. ]

Do you want to see change? Take some time to watch this episode and Kevin’s documentary. You will find there are some things that will really hit home and make a difference!