Rebecca Sounds Reveille with STIX and Kaliyah

You are invited to tune-in Wednesday, March 24, 2021, at 12pm CST. WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/REBECCALMAHAN AND REBECCA SOUNDS REVEILLE YOUTUBE CHANNEL & MOST ALL PODCAST APPS PANDORA iHeartRadio During this episode, Rebecca talks with guest Stephen “Stix “ Josey, a.k.a, “STIX,” who is a half Italian and African American producer, director, writer, author, and actor known forAngels Around Me (2013),Stay Fly(2021),Who’s on My Side,and The Hills(2017). Stix has produced, recorded, and engineered on over 50 Albums. He was signed to Sony Records as an in-house music producer, also creating his own feature films and producing albums for his own signed artist through his company, SPOTLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT. One of the film projects, Angels Around Me, was written by Stix (also authoring the book) with the aide of some Hollywood veterans and was selected into the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival in 2012. The movie went on to win the award for Best First Time Director. He has also produced, The American Family Dreamers, The Hills, Gangland, Who’s on My Side, and Temporary File, to name a few. As an accomplished actor, Stix has been in Patriots Day, Spencer Confidential, Pinch, Organic Man: Returns with Avengeance, Blood Reservoir, and If I Tell You. In addition, Stix has also produced several TV shows for PBS/Central Florida, one of which stars Michael Winslow (who is featured in the Police Academy movie series), along with another veteran Hollywood actor, Renny Roker, showcasing teens learning to develop their athletic strengths through playing golf. The show is called, From Tee to Degree. Stix has been given the opportunity to develop and manage RnB sensation Kaliyah.

Rebecca also speaks with Kaliyah Foster-Gaulin, who is an actress, singer, and producer, known forUntold: Back & Forth the Aaliyah Story(2021),Stay Fly(2021), In the Super Natural, Organic Man: Returns with Avengeanceand Pinch(2020). Kaliyah is an RnB sensation with 3 albums out across the globe and several more coming. She is also and president of Spotlight Entertainment Company.

This episode is high energy filled with the harrowing journey on the road to becoming high profile artists and more. This dynamic duo is a story of an accomplished performer bringing up his niece into the entertainment spotlight, launching her success at an early age. These two lift the audience with their smiles, all while dazzling keys that unlock new perspectives that can be used by all. Stephen “Stix “ Josey , A.K.A. ” STIX” Untold: Back & Forth the Aaliyah Story(2021) Kaliyah Foster-Gaulin **Affiliated with: Angela Anderson Manager, Angela Anderson International Talent Management. [email protected] 843-312-1048 Rebecca L. Mahan TV/Radio Show Host (& Paparazzi Independent Consultant) is wearing jewelry from the Paparazzi collection. To see more go to: To see more go to: Turn on one of the channels below to catch the show! On video Rebecca L. Mahan Rebecca Sounds Reveille On audio Apple Podcasts:…/rebecca-sounds-r…/id1464945249… Google Podcasts: iHeartRadio, PANDORA, PLEX.TV(ROKU) most podcast apps, and many other platforms!