Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Dan Woerheide

This episode brings Dan Woerheide a transformation coach and marketing enthusiast, who is passionate about helping others break the barriers that are holding them back from achieving more in their businesses and their lives. He is the founder of ProGrowthVA and host of the ProGrowth Podcast. His mission is to “help more people better” and his unique background includes Army Veteran, former StoryBrand Certified Guide, former Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach, 48 Days Seminar Facilitator, and 48 Days Coaching Mastery student. He enjoys most anything and everything outdoors (especially if it involves the beach or is near the water) and is still determined to learn how to surf…

During the show, Rebecca and Dan talk about the various ways to become more empowered. The two talk about how Dan had been able to equip others to identify key areas that will launch them into a new direction and what they can do to further their ability for unlimited success, Clubhouse – @dan_Woerheide

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