Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Robert S. Wells

This episode brings awareness and a necessary discussion about domestic abuse and more. Guest Robert S. Wells who has training and experience in the “The Royal Military Police,” working as a Close Protection Officer in the UK and briefly overseas, in challenging environments that include working directly with clients and security teams from China, Iraqi Kurdistan, India, Russia, America, Israel, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland and members of the United Arab Emirates, along with working directly in the training of military, law enforcement agencies, and corporate organizations on the subject of Domestic Abuse.

Robert is a Mindset Mentor, Life Coach, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Domestic Violence Advocate. His well-written book and succinct format with the techniques within is titled, “The 12 Steps, A LIFEREADY MOTIVATIONAL GUIDE.” He is the owner of “Domestic Abuse Business Support (D.A.B.S.)” whereby he educates and provides corporate and other organizations the necessary tools to address domestic abuse in the workplace. This is an issue that has often been overlooked and directly has implications on the employer and the victim’s co-workers on many levels.

This episode teams up two highly skilled Domestic Violence Experts and will not only grab your attention, but will touch you either from your own personal experience, knowing someone who is experiencing abuse, or someone you may suspect is being abused. There is a wealth of information that can assist those who watch or listen to the show!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Goin1836

On this episode, Rebecca brings guest “Goin1836” on the show to talk about the popularity of the videos he produces and stars in. “Goin1836” has approximately 210.8 thousand followers on “TikTok.” He is well known for his constant smile and love for America, His videos range from giving tips on selecting the sweetest watermelon, knowing what to look for on dollar bills, teaching his niece to say the “National Anthem,” doing risky things out in the public, and even enhancing his English skills. “Goin1836” also send out dollar bills to his followers when it comes to certain serial numbers…to find out more about this you will have to check the videos out for yourself, but it is a lot of fun to see how he does it. Some of the risky stunts he does are climbing onto the roof of a house, learning to ride a unicycle, and getting on top of cars. His videos are quite uplifting and the music he sets to them, with consistently, brings the viewer to anticipate that the video getting ready to bring out the star, is in fact “Goin1836.”

TikTok is a video social media app where people post a variety of videos that are in all actuality only about 15-30 seconds long. The craze of “TikTok” started its launch in China under the name “Douyin” but branched out in 2017. The meaning of “Douyin (TikTok)” is “vibrating sound” and by 2018 became the most downloaded app in the United States, Thailand, and other countries with over 800 million downloads. The app allows users to create the videos with features such as music and effects, along with the ability to record videos called “duets” with other users, The app allows the user to really get creative and you can end up spending countless hours watching the endless supply of it.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Anthony Anthem Williams

On this episode guest, Anthony Anthem Williams who is a dreamer, a poet, a rapper, a singer, and the host of the podcast “Deliverybros” talks about how important people from all walks of life are and how they all have a story to tell. His own show is a slice of life podcast delivering stories, current events, positivity, and laughs.

Rebecca and Anthony discuss important issues, such as autism, and how education is necessary for growth. The discussion involves cultures and subcultures and how self-sabotage needs to be prevented, along with the having a balance in life, a good support system, and focusing on no matter what type of ailment one is experiencing, specifically mental health, it needs to be viewed in a way where people get assistance without any associated stigma from doing so. This is an eye-opening and inspiring episode!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Joe Alves and Sarah Katz

This is a double-featured with two extremely talented and creative guests. On the first episode, Rebecca talks with Joe Alves who is an author, animator, draftsman, illustrator, set designer, art director, production designer, and director with 18 credits to his name! He is most notably known for his work on “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Jaws 3-D ,”and “Escape from New York“and was nominated for an Oscar in 1978 for Best Art Direction-Set Decoration and Winner for BAFTA Film Award in 1979 for Best Production Design/Art Direction, both a direct result of his work on the movie .Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” On this episode Joe shares an incredible event being bestowed upon him, something you are will want to be just some of the first to know!

On the second episode, Rebecca introduces Sarah Katz who is an author, blogger, and cybersecurity brilliant! On this episode, Sarah highlights a few things about her book, “Apex Five,” a story that draws inspiration from many real-world societies such as, Africa and India, as well as, real conflicts such as Israel-Palestine and the struggle of indigenous peoples worldwide. The primary themes reflect the evolutionary risks of rapid technological advancement at the expense of less industrialized societies.

For millennia, the people of the “Plane” have worshiped five megaliths as relics of the mysterious “Zaam.” In recent years, the nation of Tabira has employed remarkably advanced technology to subjugate the entire “Plane” and eradicate all belief in the “Zaam.” Now, the three remaining nations must uncover the secret behind Tabira’s sudden forward leap in civilization.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Russ Adams and Jeff Socha

The first of this double- episode feature can “effect” your mind as guest Russ Adams who is a United States Army veteran, an award-winning Special Effects Artist, founder of Ogden Uncon, and owner of a small company within the independent film industry called, Escape’ Design FX(EDFX), LLC tantalizes the show with his creativity. He shares insight into the “how” of things we see and what he does.

Russ is what is known as a creature creator within his EDFX company, though there are also other talented artists, that include costume designers, makeup artists, prop makers and fabricators.

In 2014, he made his TV debut on SyFy’s, “Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge,” and appeared on 7 of 8 episodes, which you can see by clicking this link: He has been credited with over a dozen indie films in the United States and many more spanning 8 countries.

Russ is also the author of, “This Is Not That Show”; a book chronicling his life before, during, and after the Creature Shop Challenge and the series, “A Workshop With Russ Adams,” which is a special effects how-to. To see more of the films his work has been attributed to check out:

On the second episode, Jeff Socha who is a Senior Advisor and Founding Partner at Ark Financial, and also holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and engineering from Texas A&M University, pays special attention to the younger generation and the use of credit cards and debt.

Jeff has extensive experience developing intricate financial solutions for business owners and executives across several industries. He works with clients ranging from established corporations and family businesses to professional individuals and their families. He has worked with some of the top businesses and families in Texas, helping them to solve complex problems involving estate, financial and insurance planning. His innovative solutions for lowering the risk of business ownership and increasing his client’s profitability are nationally recognized.

Jeff uses his passion for helping business owners and individuals to also achieve financial success in the political arena and is involved in two political action committees, lobbying the United States Congress on finance and tax regulations. He speaks throughout the community on topics such as business succession, estate planning, stewardship, and financial responsibility.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Samuel Whitehill, Gina Franklin, and MarCee Reimbold

This exciting double packed feature is gonna dazzle you and bring a solution to breast scar rejuvenation. One the first episode, guest star Samuel Whitehill, a former Texas lawyer and current actor (you may know him from, “Rolling in the Deep”), delights the audience with how he got in to show business and became a nominee for “Best Actor in a Supporting Role” in a short film, along with additional achievements to include eight ensemble awards. Having shifted to full-time acting, he has secured principal roles in 160, yes 160, films, along with commercials, music videos, and TV shows. His roles have been quite versatile and you will be able to hear the passion about the roles as he shares about these experiences. You will benefit from what is discussed in this episode while gaining a new connection! Just tune-in to see!!! P.S. Drum-roll, please! Samuel speaks English, Spanish, and Hebrew. He has published four books of original Hebrew poetry in Israel, where he is known as Robert Whitehill-Bashan.

Dramatic reel

Comedy reel

Rolling in the Deep -

On the second episode, Gina Franklin, CEO of Generation Skin LLC, and co-founder, MarCee Reimbold, introduce a new product that was designed and created for women called, “Sunset Bloom.” It is a “Universal Breast Scar Rejuvenation Patch.” Leaving her with scars after a second surgery, Gina shares details about the complications from a lift/augmentation breast procedure that she had done. After both surgeries, she attempted to diminish the scars with various remedies to no avail. Her doctor recommended silicone bandages, as there was nothing on the market for post-surgical breast procedures (with exception to sheeting online or tiny 1” inch bandages from the local drug store with a huge mark up). This led her to find a solution that would address the effects women face across the globe when faced with similar circumstances. Both Gina and MarCee felt the gusto to empower women and free them from the visible scars that societal beliefs project as an imperfect person. Thus, the company began. The focus of this entire episode is for you to regain your own belief in the beauty of “you!” You will see the many sides of the discussion that will encourage and motivate you or someone you may know from such an invigorating talk!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Richard Karn and Corey and Austin Foxx

This is a dynamic double feature bringing you insight and joy kicking off with the famous Richard Karn, who is known for his character as “Al Borland” on the television series “Home Improvement” with Tim Allen! Richard has a very colorful palette of film experience with 11 feature films, several television series’ and made-for-tv movies, and has performed in a number of off-Broadway productions. On this episode, he shares many details about life behind the camera and allows the audience to connect with him on a more intimate level.

Richard Karn

Bam! Shaazam! The second episode bursts with the father-son duo of Corey and Austin Foxx. Corey is known for his roles in “The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle,” “The Majestic”, and “Amhurst” and is not only an actor but is also a producer. He is quite an influence as his son, Austin Foxx is an 11-year-old actor and director, known for,“Mom”, “Eli” and “Three Aprils in March.” There is a lot of joy and laughter on this episode as the duo talk about life in entertainment and what it takes to pursue it. You will be amazed at what you will hear!

Corey Foxx

Austin Foxx

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Louise Palanker and Kennedy Phillips

This double packed feature brings you two incredibly talented guests who will not only pique your curiosity further but are sure to wow you! Louise Palanker is the guest on the first episode and is a writer, producer, director, comedian, filmmaker, photographer, songwriter, tv talk show host, teacher, drummer co-founder of “Premiere Radio Networks” that has become a division of “I Heart Media.” She created an in-depth documentary, “Family Band: The Cowsill Story,” which appeared on Showtime for two years and is now available on Amazon Prime. She described how this film was so compelling and how the famous family exemplifies an average family. She also has a documentary short about a 97-year-old artist, called, ”Margaret Singer: Seeking Light” about a woman who escaped the Holocaust who didn’t follow the norms for a woman and was an inspirational freethinker. In addition to the capturing life on film, Louise writes a weekly advice column and founded the advice app and podcast “Journals Out Loud” that brings life out through visual context. With all of this, one could expect that the other sense, auditory life touching, would be something Louise extended her help and growth reach to others. And that, she does! Louise hosts a podcast called, “Things I Found Online” that features guests who share the internet through their own eyes. Meaning how the internet is viewed differently by different people and how is it presented by these people to the world. Her show brings a with it co-hosts Joe Cipriano, Larry Morgan and Lisa Arch who light up conversations and bring insight into topics with perspectives you may not have thought of. and

In the second episode guest Kennedy Phillips who is a voice-actor- and the creator of, “Magus Elgar” an audio drama, prides himself to adhering to a “higher standard of nonsense and tomfoolery” and says, “Just because you have something ridiculous or silly to present to the world doesn’t mean the execution can be anything but professional.” He spends the majority of time in Post Production and holds an M.F.A. in Film Production and a B.F.A in Cinema Studies with a Minor in Creative Writing. Kennedy has worked with companies such as DreamworksTV, the Jim Henson Company, Ubisoft, and Melodygun. All of his work is now under the name of his personal company: Gale Dramatis LLC. Kennedy shares the passion of the audio fantasy comedy of Magus Elgar, an 11 episode audio drama with a full cast of characters for those from say 12-35 on up. The entire series is composed in theatrical quality sound design and pulse-pounding music that will capture your attention and ignite your imagination, taking your mind to its own theater. The story takes the listener to the magical world of Hearth, where learning magic is as dangerous as it is exciting! Magus Elgar is one of the finest Casters out there and with luck, he just might finally have a student that lives through the lessons!Join Magus Elgar and the Magical Anomaly Inter-dimensional Locators (M.A.I.L) as they search the world for Scientific Tools Augmented with Magical Power (S.T.A.M.P.s), encountering animated chicken nuggets, crazy wizards, giant goo monsters, and a cornucopia of puns along the way. With luck, they’ll find a way to diffuse these dangerous artifacts before all of reality is ripped apart, or at least be there with a bag of popcorn when it happens! Kennedy has a unique ability to bring script to life through his voice and will leave the audience awestruck with the dynamic range of voice-acting he can do! and

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Mike Provenzano and Marc Cashman

This episode of Rebecca Sounds Reveille with is a whopper you don’t wanna miss! There are two incredibly hot guests you are sure to find fascinating and will not only want to get to know more but also connect with. One the first how in this double-header is Mike Provenzano, who is an Actor, Model, Voice Over Artist, Singer, Camera Operator, TV Presenter, Radio Presenter, and a Father of 4, who has been quite noticed for his role in “Cage the Bear – The Black Bang.” The focus of the film is about hackers who join forces with aliens to take on Russian terrorists and Mikeplays the role of a Government Agent. However, this is not the only noteworthy performance of Mike’s career in acting, he was also in a short film called, “Tit for Tat,” where the plot encompasses the challenges that can occur from concussions. Mike was cast as an emotionally elusive NFL Commissioner and the film received a nomination for “Best Dramatic Short Film” at the “Art is Alive Film Festival” in 2017. Another film, “A Crime To Remember,” earned an Emmy Award, whereby Mike performed as a police officer and the show was broadcast on Investigation Discovery as a crime-drama series. Mike has three additional movie’s he will talk about on the show, “No Way Out,” “Catcalling Man,” and Project TimeJump and the teaser for this… “What if you wake up one day, and everyone is gone?” This is yet another one to place on your “Movies To See” checklist! Finally, drum roll, please… Mike is set to star in the series pilot, “The Door,” in which he will be playing a police detective. Marc Cashman is President and Creative Director of “Cashman Commercials” in Los Angeles, California, and is thee master in Voice-Acting. From creating and producing copy to music advertising for radio and television and internet, he is one of the leading experts even celebrities seek to sharpen their skills. He is the author of one of the top-selling books on voice-acting, “V-Oh! Tips, Tricks, Tools, and Techniques to Start and Sustain Your Voiceover Career.” He has received over 150 advertising awards, including the prestigious CLIO, and voted one of the “Best Voices of the Year” three times by AudioFile Magazine. Marc is also a veteran voice actor with over 40 years of studio experience in radio, television and internet commercials, foreign film dubbing, animated series, video games, and over 150 audiobooks. He is currently represented by numerous talent agencies around the country and believes passionately in voice acting. So much so, he also instructs students at the California Institute of the Arts, as well as, his own illustrious (for those learning at all levels) “The Cashman Cache of Voice-Acting Techniques” classes at “Cashman Commercials.” Impressive and encouragingly, the classes he offers can be taken in-studio and or even online. Marc hosts, “Fly on the Wall,” invitations for those who would like to see what the class is like before fully diving in. This entails registering for a one-day sit-in live or online class. The script is available to the attendees for the specific registered class.You can receive newsletters from Marc, connect to online columns, such as, “Ask The VoiceCat” for and, to glean some of his expertise or see him as a or request him to be a guest speaker at Advertising Clubs and Broadcasters Associations throughout the U.S. and other countries. Wait until you hear what this incredible man has to share about his journey on the vocal chord, those he has coached, and the opportunity that might just ignite a fire in you!

See all the latest info about Rebecca Sounds Reveille by going to:

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Barry Papick and Joe Crawford

This is a packed double feature episode starring two amazing and accomplished entertainers. The first stars Actor, Director, and Top World-Class Acting Coach, Barry Papick will engage you and leave you with the drive to move now! He has been in many films and you may know him from epic television shows such as, “Swans Crossing,” and more recently, “Shameless.” Barry has recently appeared in “Labor Pains” with Lindsey Lohan, “Lake Effects” on The Hallmark Channel, and has guest-starred on the CBS show “Without A Trace.” He is can be seen in Howard Stern’s “Private Parts,”Andrew Nicol’s “Simone,” the feature film “Rejourer,” and the television show “The Mason Twins” for NBC. He is currently the voice of GNC’s advertising campaign “Beat Average.”

Barry is one of thee top Acting Coaches in the world and has been teaching and coaching actors for approximately 23 years. He has recently worked as the On-set Acting Coach for Dan Pritzker’s soon to be released “Bolden,” where he worked with the icon Dick Gregory. He is also known for coaching Dennis Quaid, Charles Dutton, Rob Brown, Sean Connery, Rob Brown, Anna Paquin, and Darrin Dewitt Henson, also to mention he was the On-Set Coach for Gus VanSant’s “Finding Forrester.” Last year alone, he was the On-set Coach for 3 feature films. Barry has coached Actors for television shows such as The West Wing, The Wire, Malcolm in the Middle, Body of Proof, Brothers and Sisters, Burn Notice, The Originals and many, many more. Barry has also been the personal On-set coach for Gus VanSant and Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions. Barry has written the comedy pilot “Pearl” and the stage play “Ruby’s Arms.” – IMDb Mini Biography By:Barry Papick

The second episode stars Canada’s Top Notch Entertainer and Comedian, Joe Crawford who will draw you in right when the show starts! Joe has been entertaining audiences across the North American Wide for nearly 20 years and has appeared on “Live with Kelly and Regis” and has sung on stage with Regis Philbin at the Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada.

In 2007, Joe Crawford was the only Canadian in an online comedy competition and placed 3rd out of 256 other contestants from around the world. Joe has been in radio for at least 10 years and after 3 years in terrestrial radio, he ventured out, creating the well-known radio wave of his own, “The Joe Show.” He has also hosted his own, “The Joe Show TV Talk Show.”

In addition to performing and talking across the air and video waves, Joe Crawford performs live all across North America with his “Singing Comedy Shows” and impersonations of Elvis, Dolly Parton, Sonny & Cher, Tina Turner, and many others.

Now that you know about the guest stars appearing on this double feature, you’ll have to tune-in to see and hear more insight and make a connection with them. Both Barry and Joe have a wealth of information to give you that you can use right after the show!!!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Lee Paul

This dynamic episode allows us to go back in time with a man who crossed the airwaves and spent hours in many of our homes on some of the most popular television shows! Are you one who has watched shows with household value, those that were the staple-hood of television? Guest Lee Paul, an Air Force veteran who was an officer in King Soloman, Alaska, grew in Brooklyn, New York and followed his own “yellow brick” road of interest in science and arts, taking him to the dreamland of many…Hollywood. He has spent over 25 years of performing, more than 75 on-camera appearances, 30 plus commercials, along with 53 credits in filmography, some of which are iconic, such as: The Van Dyke Show, Matlock,Falcon Crest,Simon & Simon, The Fall Guy,Kenny Rogers as The Gambler: The Adventure Continues,B.J. and the Bear,ChiPs,Wonder Woman,Adam-12,Cannon,Mannix,Happy Days, and The Sting.

On the show, he talks about what originally brought him to the drama department (a girl he was chasing) and how it wasn’t the girl he fell in love with that ultimately led him to stardom. He also talks about some of the roles he played (the one in The Sting being the most significant), what his father equipped him with to fulfill these roles, and how it was cyclical in his life. This is an amazing story in itself!

Lee shared in-depth about how the illusion of having an easy life as a movie star is not as easy as it seems and how there is a misconception as to royalties actors receive from the movies they have appeared in. He talks about the low percentage of actors that qualify for pension and health benefits, specifically he is 1 of 2.5% of 3-400,000 actors, that do. He even talks about his .07 cent and .01 residuals!

There are some very good points Lee makes about having a good background and craft along with what it takes to make it in “Hollywood.” However, this philosophy is something that can be applied to anything one would like to achieve in life!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Giuseppe Lentini

Giuseppe Lentini was born in Belgian from Sicilian parents. His father was an Opera Singer and his home was filled with music and inspiration. So much so, it was natural for Giuseppe to follow in his father’s footsteps. Eventually, he set off to London in 2014 and was in an “X factor” episode. Simon Cowell praised him and told him not to ever give up, which encouraged him further to win an actor showcase. He later landed roles in an “AutoTrader “commercial “Driving Characters on Dave”, the stylish “White Fog E-Cigarette” commercial, and an Amazon Prime feature “Raymond’s 5:. Giuseppe has also been cast in a role as a Goblin in Disney’s “Artemis Fowl” (2019) directed by British actor, director, Sir Kenneth Branagh.

Recently, Giuseppe was in Hollywood and he was advised he should move to the United States to land more roles and become immersed in the entertainment industry. On the show, Giuseppe reminisces about his childhood. He would listen to his father always singing, rehearsing, and teaching his eldest brothers and sisters. At 4 or 5 years of age, he would say “I want to learn! I want to learn” and his father would tell him that “his time would come”. In his home, opera was not the only genre of music played. There was a wide variety of music, so he was exposed to many languages as well. Giuseppe speaks French, Italian, and English. At the age of 16, by this time having had experienced many challenges in life, wrote his first ballad, “Believe in Yourself.” Giuseppe believes in dreams and sticking to your efforts. With this, success comes opportunity.

He also talks about the process and his time spent on the X factor; he even sings a few bars! The interesting story and irony in the music he chose for the show it was that of Michael Jackson and it turned out to be the same day of his passing. Giuseppe shares another ironic tidbit that one must tune in to hear reference George Michael.

There is so much energy and elation coming across the screen and airways from Giuseppe Lentini, it is easy to see and hear his gifts as a performer. He also has beauty in expressing and conveying average conversation that makes images lite up about mundane activities we all do. Giuseppe will touch your heart as you listen to him share with you about a series he is working on and possibly converting into a feature film and also working on a feature film and screenplay. While talking about these endeavors in the entertainment industry, he conveys a remarkable part of his daily living working as a PA, helping those with children Autism and other people with disabilities. His goal was to take the inspiration from those he cared for and shed light on their world with his screenplay. Giuseppe tells the situation of a 92-year-old man who he has cared for that no longer feels like he exists; though he has traveled the world, he is invisible.

Ladies, be ready to be mesmerized as Giuseppe serenades you on this episode! Gents, you are sure to also be inspired because you are going to have a lot of joyful smiles as well!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Rodney Damon Collins and Lester Greene

This is a double feature starring Rodney Damon Collins and Lester Greene. On the first of this two-part feature, Rebecca and Rodney talk about Rodney’s venture as an American actor and author. He is also a director and motivational speaker. Rodney is graduate of Bowling Green State University and has pursued his passion for the arts through modeling for American Greetings, local print ads, several independent films and theater projects in Cleveland, Ohio.

This episode really allows you to connect with Rodney in a way that maybe not too many have heard and really should. The details he shares on the show affect so many people not only in America, but around the world who are struggling and need hope. Not only does he provide the inspiration on the show, but offers to share some of his personal story. The story, his story, led him to write and publish, Shattered: A Journey Through the Pieces, available now on Kindle and soon to be released March 14, 2019 in print.
Rodney is also a contributor to The Father Effect by John Finch
(you can also see his contribution at this link)

For More information about Rodney Damon Collins, click the links below

This second episode brings a bursting new actor on the horizon, who if you are following, will find is constantly on the move and in the groove, Lester Greene. He is talented in so many areas that if you haven’t discovered his work, now is the time! He can not only be heard through the music he writes, produces, and sings, but he has also authored an inspirational book (more below), and can be seen on camera starring in films, as well as, producing them.

Lester witnessed a shooting that caused him to rethink his entire existence, leading him to write about it. He was so inspired that he then chose to follow his older brother down the path of becoming a rapper and went on to produce four rap albums before calling it quits. 
Greene had a friend named Henry who suggested that he pursue acting, considering he already had a stage presence from his rapping days.  Greene began doing background work until he saw Larenz Tate up close and personal. Tate’s acting had inspired him to the point that Greene knew what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Act! While pursuing his acting career, Greene drives a bus to support his passion.
Lester Greene’s second act is now in full swing having already worked with 50 Cent (50 Central) and Omari Hardwick (Power). He has studied with the likes of Alec Baldwin (Southampton Theatre), Peter Miner (Terry Schreiber Studios), Matt Newton, and Mary Boyer. He landed several speaking roles on television shows like Gotham, Jon Glaser Loves Gear, and Rachael Ray. He has also landed speaking roles in commercials for Chase, Rogaine, AAO, FYI, Amazon, MTB Bank, Citizen Watch, Peeps Delights, Buzzfeed, Boost Mobile, We The Internet TV, Crown Royal, Brooks and many more. Greene won best actor for his role in Driving Force at the Atlantic City Cinefest Downbeach Film Festival, and he won the Actors’ Showdown Monologue Competition at the Las Vegas Black Film Festival. 
Independently, Greene has starred in and produced six short films, two of which aired on CBS through the African American Short Films program. He even wrote and published a book that is now available on Amazon called, “Act Like You Love Yourself.” The sky is the limit for this young budding star. It’s only a matter of time before he hits superstardom. Greene is producing two series shows, one of which will star celebrated actress Deetta West. 
To learn more and connect with Lester, click here:

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Al Caicedo and Shanna Toft

This double feature gives you an opportunity to enrich your life financially and get inspired by an actress who has been on the move! Al Caicedo is the President and Owner of “CKS Summit Group” and is the guest on the first show within this episode. Al found himself handcuffed to other peoples ideas and beliefs on how corporate shackles on finances were and he did not like that mentality. He decided to go independent to change the way finances can be designed to truly help people maintain their lifestyle and see “the more”. He feels it is an honor to help people and see their dreams come true.
Rebecca and Al talk about what your ally is to make your investments and fiances multiply along with other things that can lead you to a healthier financial position.

Al’s focus and objective is to help ensure his clients are able to enjoy their lifestyle beyond the workplace and into their retirement years through education that enables them to decide for themselves, the financial path they should follow. He has spent twenty years helping clients protect and preserve their assets and utilizes his safe money strategies which have helped clients save millions of dollars during the latest market collapse. Al is an asset preservation consultant and transitional planning specialist. The goals and objectives of a transitional client are more geared toward safety and risk elimination, peace of mind, developing income options and tax savings strategies, avoiding probate, and reducing or eliminating the potential for loss to a nursing home. His practice focuses on addressing the distinctive financial needs of those nearing retirement and those who are already retired.

Al is a member of the “Presidential Who’s Who” and the” Million Dollar Round Table.” He has been featured in the following publications: “Oakland Press”, the “Detroit News”, “Observer & Eccentric”, “Builder Magazine”, “Consumers Digest”, “WWJ News Radio 950”, “WDIV-TV Channel 4″,”Fox 2 Detroit,” and “C&G Newspaper.”

Al Caicedo

This second show on the episode is quite an inspiration as guest Shanna Toft, a mother of 5, gives an electric discussion as she talks about how she got into show business. Shanna grew up in the Austin, Texas area before moving to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for high school. Shanna attended the University of North Texas as well as Colorado Technical University.

Shanna shared in detail how she participated in theater, choir, and dance all through school, along with what roles she played. She also modeled in her early college years and her modeling debut was as a live Barbie for Mattel. Though she acted for years in school, her professional acting took the course of working as an extra/background/stand-in before gaining her first television role as the wife of a bank robber in a documentary reconstruction on Channel 4 in the UK. Since then, and even more recently, she has exploded in the film industry with a number of roles, one of which debut on the Red Carpet, “Insincere Twins,” in Carrollton, Texas on June 1, 2019. She is currently involved in “Blind Confessions” and a web series about Human Trafficking.
Shanna has also garnered her career to add a new role to her portfolio, as she is also now a Director and Producer for an upcoming film. She delves into expressing how involved directing and producing a film is in comparison to having been an actor. She evens shares a secret to what is required on the set for a scene shot. Shanna is influential to all, as she lays the palette out to show that no matter what one wants to do in life, you pick the color and just start painting, then continue to add colors on the canvas until a beautiful picture emerges!To find out more about the work she is involved in you’ll have to tune into the show!

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Sam McElroy and Eric James Morris

This double header starts with guest Sam McElRoy , PYSD, NSSA, who is partner and founder of @financial. He and his firm uses a “client focused” approach and tailors solutions to both businesses and individuals from a holistic perspective. Sam graduated from Hampton University, magna cum laude, holds a Doctorate in Psychology, as well as, several financial licenses. He has been the recipient of several Humanitarian and Achievement awards, has contributed research examining social dynamics and methods for optimizing cooperation and efficiency in team, group, and work settings, and has been exploring unique insights with respect to the psychology of personal finance. On the show, we talk about how finance influences the way in which we react to things within our individual worlds, including towards ourselves. We also talk about how there must be an intentional change towards what we are doing with our finances if we want to see a different outcome and ultimately this is true if applied in most of the other areas of our life. There is much more valuable information in this episode that will positively make a difference in a number areas of life if you take the key points and use them.
This episode is a riveting with fun starring guest Eric James Morris, an Air Force veteran and an actor, known for Reap It , MacGyver (2016) and Edge of Town! He streams the interview from his laptop while sitting in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot; you can hear the pitch of police sirens roar in the background! In all seriousness, Eric has at least 25 role credits to his name and has recently completed a couple of films, with others he has worked on now in post production, and even one in pre-production. One role he has currently been working is The Bounty Hunter. Eric details this independent film background, along with what the film is about, and what his role in it is. The film is based on factual events and is presented by BWC Films, a veteran organization,with the director who is a real life war veteran.

Eric started his journey in the entertainment industry as a young teenager, playing guitar and singing whenever someone would give him the chance. You will be surprised at what he played and his journey leading him to where he is in this arena on the show! He discovered his passion for acting and film production through a number of things along life’s highways, one of which included his son. In addition to his acting career, he has his own company, Morris Environmental, most recently changed to Morris Enviro, a waterproofing company in Atlanta Georgia.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Teneicka Drake

This episode features guest Teniecka Drake who is a dynamic woman that dedicates her life to making an impact on the world. Her message is so important that she has hosted her own radio show and founded Loving Arms for Families (LAFF). Her message has been getting noticed and she was recently featured in Voyage LA magazine. Teniecka is a veteran, domestic violence survivor, and mother of an autistic child. She has worked as an Eligibility Reviewer and has volunteered for the American Red Cross.

Loving Arms for Families is an organization that incorporates the arts in order to assist Veteran families. What sets this organization apart from others who serve veterans is that this one helps those who are affected by domestic violence and also have children who have been diagnosed with autism. Many organizations have tools to help with the trauma people face from these types of concerns, but the LAFF strategy is committed to providing arts which allows for the expression and coping skills to work through the trauma of violence and the challenges of caring for a child with a developmental disability. LAFF is resolute on providing support groups and community resources.


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Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Baker Halleran and Brad Williams

On the first of this dual episode, Rebecca talks with actor and model Baker Halleran who was a star high school athlete and lover of theater and acting. Both of these things pushed this young man into a very colorful life. Going from Oklahoma to Massachusetts to Milan, Italy, to Los Angeles, California, he took his university major in Investment Banking and followed his passion.
His journey had also led him to model in Milan, Italy not long before chauffeuring him to the scene in Los Angeles, where many hit the hub to stardom. As a current bar tender and manager of one of the nation’s most popular night clubs, Baker Halleran pursues his love in acting. He known for his roles in Whitey, Street Smarts, and most recently on Fox’s 9-1-1 as an LAPD officer. He has also played the role as an police officer on a show that broadcasted on FX.

On the second episode, Rebecca speaks with Brad Williams, President of Brad Williams Financial Services who has over 25 years of addressing the financial concerns of retirees and business owners. He is able to simplify and explain in everyday language even the most complex concepts and alternatives. His reputation for unquestioned integrity is far more important to him than any fee or commission.
Brad inspires many having worked his way up the corporate ladder from an operations manager position in Birmingham, AL to eventually forming his financial services company. By the age of 29 he had made enough money to seek advice from a financial advisor about his long-term financial goals and he found a mentor that believed in him.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Baker Halleran

Rebecca talks with actor and model Baker Halleran who was a star high school athlete and lover of theater and acting. Both of these things pushed this young man into a very colorful life. Going from Oklahoma to Massachusetts to Milan, Italy, to Los Angeles, California, he took his university major in Investment Banking and followed his passion.

His journey had also led him to model in Milan, Italy not long before chauffeuring him to the scene in Los Angeles, where many hit the hub to stardom. As a current bar tender and manager of one of the nation’s most popular night clubs, Baker Halleran pursues his love in acting. He known for his roles in Whitey, Street Smarts, and most recently on Fox’s 9-1-1 as an LAPD officer. He has also played the role as an police officer on a show broadcasted on FX.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Reba Merrill

Reba Merrill is an Emmy award-winning journalist, author, and speaker. She has traveled the world interviewing nearly a thousand Hollywood royalties, such as, legendaries Jimmy Stewart and Jack Lemmon to Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood to Hollywood’s hot new comers of the time like Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks. Her in-depth interviews have been syndicated in over 60 countries.

Reba hosted four talk shows: two in Phoenix – Reba, a once a week show, followed by the daily- Good Morning Arizona, both on ABC. She then moved up and hosted two in San Diego, Sunup San Diego on CBS and That’s Life on COX Cable. She won an Emmy for her work as a talk show host.

Reba has chronicled her life as celebrity interviewer in a personal memoir Nearly Famous: tales from the hollywood trenches. She was elected to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and The Reba Merrill Collection is now part of the Motion Picture Academy archives. Night Flight airs her interviews every Friday night and have been featured on The Official Hollywood Walk of Fame App. Reba is on the leadership council for AIDS Project Los Angeles.

Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Scott Schwartz

Rebecca L. Mahan brings actor Scott Schwartz to the show and the duo talk about his lengthy legendary time on screen. Many of you know him for his role as Flick (think of the one who stuck his tongue on the flag pole) in A Christmas Story because this iconic movie is part of almost every American household family’s Christmas holiday tradition. Scott also co-starred opposite Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason in the movie The Toy and in that same year he was also in Kidco. Rebecca and Scott also talk about how the societal climate has changed and some of the things that were and are meaningful staples to life. In addition, Scott shares how he created celebrity-based trading cards and his personal involvement in helping his cast-mate (extended-type) family in raising proceeds to assist with the death of Corey Haim.