Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Sam McElroy and Eric James Morris

This double header starts with guest Sam McElRoy , PYSD, NSSA, who is partner and founder of @financial. He and his firm uses a “client focused” approach and tailors solutions to both businesses and individuals from a holistic perspective. Sam graduated from Hampton University, magna cum laude, holds a Doctorate in Psychology, as well as, several financial licenses. He has been the recipient of several Humanitarian and Achievement awards, has contributed research examining social dynamics and methods for optimizing cooperation and efficiency in team, group, and work settings, and has been exploring unique insights with respect to the psychology of personal finance. On the show, we talk about how finance influences the way in which we react to things within our individual worlds, including towards ourselves. We also talk about how there must be an intentional change towards what we are doing with our finances if we want to see a different outcome and ultimately this is true if applied in most of the other areas of our life. There is much more valuable information in this episode that will positively make a difference in a number areas of life if you take the key points and use them.
This episode is a riveting with fun starring guest Eric James Morris, an Air Force veteran and an actor, known for Reap It , MacGyver (2016) and Edge of Town! He streams the interview from his laptop while sitting in a Dunkin Donuts parking lot; you can hear the pitch of police sirens roar in the background! In all seriousness, Eric has at least 25 role credits to his name and has recently completed a couple of films, with others he has worked on now in post production, and even one in pre-production. One role he has currently been working is The Bounty Hunter. Eric details this independent film background, along with what the film is about, and what his role in it is. The film is based on factual events and is presented by BWC Films, a veteran organization,with the director who is a real life war veteran.

Eric started his journey in the entertainment industry as a young teenager, playing guitar and singing whenever someone would give him the chance. You will be surprised at what he played and his journey leading him to where he is in this arena on the show! He discovered his passion for acting and film production through a number of things along life’s highways, one of which included his son. In addition to his acting career, he has his own company, Morris Environmental, most recently changed to Morris Enviro, a waterproofing company in Atlanta Georgia.