Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Teneicka Drake

This episode features guest Teniecka Drake who is a dynamic woman that dedicates her life to making an impact on the world. Her message is so important that she has hosted her own radio show and founded Loving Arms for Families (LAFF). Her message has been getting noticed and she was recently featured in Voyage LA magazine. Teniecka is a veteran, domestic violence survivor, and mother of an autistic child. She has worked as an Eligibility Reviewer and has volunteered for the American Red Cross.

Loving Arms for Families is an organization that incorporates the arts in order to assist Veteran families. What sets this organization apart from others who serve veterans is that this one helps those who are affected by domestic violence and also have children who have been diagnosed with autism. Many organizations have tools to help with the trauma people face from these types of concerns, but the LAFF strategy is committed to providing arts which allows for the expression and coping skills to work through the trauma of violence and the challenges of caring for a child with a developmental disability. LAFF is resolute on providing support groups and community resources.