Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Louise Palanker and Kennedy Phillips

This double packed feature brings you two incredibly talented guests who will not only pique your curiosity further but are sure to wow you! Louise Palanker is the guest on the first episode and is a writer, producer, director, comedian, filmmaker, photographer, songwriter, tv talk show host, teacher, drummer co-founder of “Premiere Radio Networks” that has become a division of “I Heart Media.” She created an in-depth documentary, “Family Band: The Cowsill Story,” which appeared on Showtime for two years and is now available on Amazon Prime. She described how this film was so compelling and how the famous family exemplifies an average family. She also has a documentary short about a 97-year-old artist, called, ”Margaret Singer: Seeking Light” about a woman who escaped the Holocaust who didn’t follow the norms for a woman and was an inspirational freethinker. In addition to the capturing life on film, Louise writes a weekly advice column and founded the advice app and podcast “Journals Out Loud” that brings life out through visual context. With all of this, one could expect that the other sense, auditory life touching, would be something Louise extended her help and growth reach to others. And that, she does! Louise hosts a podcast called, “Things I Found Online” that features guests who share the internet through their own eyes. Meaning how the internet is viewed differently by different people and how is it presented by these people to the world. Her show brings a with it co-hosts Joe Cipriano, Larry Morgan and Lisa Arch who light up conversations and bring insight into topics with perspectives you may not have thought of. and

In the second episode guest Kennedy Phillips who is a voice-actor- and the creator of, “Magus Elgar” an audio drama, prides himself to adhering to a “higher standard of nonsense and tomfoolery” and says, “Just because you have something ridiculous or silly to present to the world doesn’t mean the execution can be anything but professional.” He spends the majority of time in Post Production and holds an M.F.A. in Film Production and a B.F.A in Cinema Studies with a Minor in Creative Writing. Kennedy has worked with companies such as DreamworksTV, the Jim Henson Company, Ubisoft, and Melodygun. All of his work is now under the name of his personal company: Gale Dramatis LLC. Kennedy shares the passion of the audio fantasy comedy of Magus Elgar, an 11 episode audio drama with a full cast of characters for those from say 12-35 on up. The entire series is composed in theatrical quality sound design and pulse-pounding music that will capture your attention and ignite your imagination, taking your mind to its own theater. The story takes the listener to the magical world of Hearth, where learning magic is as dangerous as it is exciting! Magus Elgar is one of the finest Casters out there and with luck, he just might finally have a student that lives through the lessons!Join Magus Elgar and the Magical Anomaly Inter-dimensional Locators (M.A.I.L) as they search the world for Scientific Tools Augmented with Magical Power (S.T.A.M.P.s), encountering animated chicken nuggets, crazy wizards, giant goo monsters, and a cornucopia of puns along the way. With luck, they’ll find a way to diffuse these dangerous artifacts before all of reality is ripped apart, or at least be there with a bag of popcorn when it happens! Kennedy has a unique ability to bring script to life through his voice and will leave the audience awestruck with the dynamic range of voice-acting he can do! and