Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Giuseppe Lentini

Giuseppe Lentini was born in Belgian from Sicilian parents. His father was an Opera Singer and his home was filled with music and inspiration. So much so, it was natural for Giuseppe to follow in his father’s footsteps. Eventually, he set off to London in 2014 and was in an “X factor” episode. Simon Cowell praised him and told him not to ever give up, which encouraged him further to win an actor showcase. He later landed roles in an “AutoTrader “commercial “Driving Characters on Dave”, the stylish “White Fog E-Cigarette” commercial, and an Amazon Prime feature “Raymond’s 5:. Giuseppe has also been cast in a role as a Goblin in Disney’s “Artemis Fowl” (2019) directed by British actor, director, Sir Kenneth Branagh.

Recently, Giuseppe was in Hollywood and he was advised he should move to the United States to land more roles and become immersed in the entertainment industry. On the show, Giuseppe reminisces about his childhood. He would listen to his father always singing, rehearsing, and teaching his eldest brothers and sisters. At 4 or 5 years of age, he would say “I want to learn! I want to learn” and his father would tell him that “his time would come”. In his home, opera was not the only genre of music played. There was a wide variety of music, so he was exposed to many languages as well. Giuseppe speaks French, Italian, and English. At the age of 16, by this time having had experienced many challenges in life, wrote his first ballad, “Believe in Yourself.” Giuseppe believes in dreams and sticking to your efforts. With this, success comes opportunity.

He also talks about the process and his time spent on the X factor; he even sings a few bars! The interesting story and irony in the music he chose for the show it was that of Michael Jackson and it turned out to be the same day of his passing. Giuseppe shares another ironic tidbit that one must tune in to hear reference George Michael.

There is so much energy and elation coming across the screen and airways from Giuseppe Lentini, it is easy to see and hear his gifts as a performer. He also has beauty in expressing and conveying average conversation that makes images lite up about mundane activities we all do. Giuseppe will touch your heart as you listen to him share with you about a series he is working on and possibly converting into a feature film and also working on a feature film and screenplay. While talking about these endeavors in the entertainment industry, he conveys a remarkable part of his daily living working as a PA, helping those with children Autism and other people with disabilities. His goal was to take the inspiration from those he cared for and shed light on their world with his screenplay. Giuseppe tells the situation of a 92-year-old man who he has cared for that no longer feels like he exists; though he has traveled the world, he is invisible.

Ladies, be ready to be mesmerized as Giuseppe serenades you on this episode! Gents, you are sure to also be inspired because you are going to have a lot of joyful smiles as well!