Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Reba Merrill

Reba Merrill is an Emmy award-winning journalist, author, and speaker. She has traveled the world interviewing nearly a thousand Hollywood royalties, such as, legendaries Jimmy Stewart and Jack Lemmon to Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood to Hollywood’s hot new comers of the time like Sandra Bullock and Tom Hanks. Her in-depth interviews have been syndicated in over 60 countries.

Reba hosted four talk shows: two in Phoenix – Reba, a once a week show, followed by the daily- Good Morning Arizona, both on ABC. She then moved up and hosted two in San Diego, Sunup San Diego on CBS and That’s Life on COX Cable. She won an Emmy for her work as a talk show host.

Reba has chronicled her life as celebrity interviewer in a personal memoir Nearly Famous: tales from the hollywood trenches. She was elected to the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences and The Reba Merrill Collection is now part of the Motion Picture Academy archives. Night Flight airs her interviews every Friday night and have been featured on The Official Hollywood Walk of Fame App. Reba is on the leadership council for AIDS Project Los Angeles.