Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Michael and Brett Wall

This episode brings a father and son duo, and Brett Wall (a dynamic duo), who has been entertaining about 2 million monthly followers through their Facebook page and website under the tagline of “A Safe Haven for Your Inner Geek Meisterkhan” and their show, “Too Opinionated.”

Their show is a way to share discussions and opposing views just like a father and son would do. Michael Wall is a former comic book store owner, a life long connoisseur of science fiction and fantasy, and he’s an avid reader of sports, with what he says is an “encyclopedia of knowledge of useless trivia.” Brett Wall has turned his love of books into a job as a librarian and he enjoys working children. He finds joy in helping them to read and teaching them to play chess, along with performing for their amusement. Brett is an accomplished writer with an absolutely vivid imagination that crosses all kinds of genres. He hopes to turn his writing into screenplays and see them come to life in Hollywood. He also attends college, is writing a book about “the four horsemen,” has launched a second of their podcasts called, “Too Spooky” and their “YouTube channel, Meisterkhan.” While tackling these things, he also edits all of their podcasts himself.

During the show, Rebecca engages the two’s inspiring stories which bring you lots of chuckles, much insight, and things that may make a difference for you.

The take away: “You just don’t know what can happen in life. Things surprise you and can be very unexpected. When they happen, they always seem to happen at the right time. Don’t harbor ill feelings because in the long run, does everything really matter in five years from now? Think about it! In the meantime, check out “Too Opinionated” and “Too Spooky.”