Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Bill Foster and Jeffrey Small

This double-header episode shines the spotlight on two fascinating guests that are sure to capture your attention, inspire you, and move you! Opening the first reel, guest, Bill Foster, who is an actor, director, producer, writer, and retired Superintendent, shares life as a Texan who married his college sweetheart Linda (30+ together). Bill graduated with a B.S. and a M.Ed. from East Texas State University (Alpha Gamma Rho) and spent 33 years in public education as an Agriculture teacher, Principal, and Superintendent. He has authored children’s books, western novels, and a theatrical play. After retiring Bill appeared in AMC’s “The Son,” HBO’s “The Leftover’s,” and has also wrote, directed, and filmed “Showdown on the Brazos,” “Showdown on the Guadalupe,” “I Heard the Quail Whistle,” “I’ve Got Your 6,” along with others.

During the show, he talks about how he got where he is, including the challenge of getting published and then how much his children’s books were in demand and why, along with what he has coming soon.

Bill’s accomplishments are not only things you‘ll want to “be on the lookout” for cuz “everything’s big in Texas,” but he is someone to emulate. Know there is always more to dream and achieve!

Out of the second gate comes guest, Jeffrey Small, President of “Arbor Financial,” and author of “Turning Financial Planning Right-Side Up,” an Amazon bestseller that has helped thousands of readers master the inside game of investing, as well as avoiding Wall Street and media bias. He is a Market Watcher, Energy Analyst, and occasional host of the national TV show, “The Income Generation.” Jeffrey has been working with clients and their families for almost 30 years. Arbor Financial is a “boutique of Financial Investment’s” and Jeffrey is licensed with the “Florida Department of Financial Services,” a “Certified Senior Advisor” through the “Society of Certified Senior Advisors” and recently completed the requirements to become an “Investment Advisor Representative.” Both he and Arbor Financial are also members in good standing of the “Central Florida Better Business Bureau” and “The National Ethics Association.”

During the show Jeffrey talks about the things many people don’t talk about when it comes to giving out financial strategy. Here is an excerpt from the show…
“we are hyper yield interest rate dividend focus, but we are not stock market specifics, so the average portfolio in our office here will be generating greater than a five percent net yield after fees, but there’ll be 85 percent uncorrelated or disconnected entirely from the stock market if not more than that as a percentage and so that is where folks today should be modern with their money.” Now if you are feeling a bit confused here is something Jeffrey says that you may never have heard an advisor say, “I always tell everybody is they should go out and find three advisors, I even tell my my own perspective or potential customers this, they should find three advisors, they should show them their best their best risk off approach with their highest yield arrived, and so if they can get a four or five percent net yield and be risk off and that’s a good advisor.” Jeffrey goes into so much detail about how the current state of the economy may affect you and how you can address it. The great thing about it is he is able to explain this in a way that is easy to understand and may allow you to rethink how you want to strategize your finances.