Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Jessica Gerlach

A couple of quick questions for you. Do you know or have you been affected by anyone from opioid addiction? Have you ever wanted to understand what opioid addiction is, the effects, and what is involved in recovery?

This powerful episode brings expert guest, Jessica Gerlach, who is quite an influential screenwriter, producer, author, public speaker, opioid addiction advocate, spiritual gangster, actress, model, and experienced deputy director. Jessica graduated from “The American College of Journalism,” “the National Guild of Hypnotists,” and “The National Federation of NeuroLinguistic Programming.” She has strong writing skills and is quite accomplished in negotiation, branding, marketing, advertising, film, and documentaries. During the show, Jessica details how her film “The Sixteen Movie” tackles the opioid crisis in the United States. She shares how the “film specifically revolves around 16-year-olds who recreationally use the drug. First, they start out taking pills, then they steal from their parents or their brother or sister, and then one by one the whole group of friends who were once healthy, vivacious, high achieving teenagers, each become addicted. The film literally shows the path of destruction that each of them lives out and it’s all very different scenarios, but there they literally experience the dark underworld of heroin and fentanyl addiction. So, it shows prostitution, overdose, HIV, murders, robbery gone wrong, murder… I mean you name it, it’s… it’s in the film. Anything that can go wrong with a nasty addiction like that, we portray a very real intense- raw view of what that addiction looks like in action.”

This episode is a must-see for many reasons. If you are looking for help with addiction, this is a great place to begin to get a broader understanding of what you may be facing and where to get help. If you have a friend or loved one you want to get help, this will give you a better understanding of what they may be facing and where to get resources. This may also change the perception of what you currently view of opioid addiction and how you can be equipped to be of help if the need ever arises. You can also check out Jessica’s book: Shooting The Clan: An Eyewitness To The Rise Of The Wu (Feast or Famine: Memoirs of an Independent Filmmaker Book 1) by Gerald Barclay, Jessica Gerlach-Petrovic