Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Taylor Kent


This episode brings Taylor Kent is a young actress whose career launched by making Youtube videos with her dolls as a way to inspire other young girls. She writes the scripts, creates and constructs the sets, and creates and sews the wardrobe, along with producing and filming her own videos.

Taylor has not only done the voiceover work for all her videos, but also for videos for other Youtubers. For almost a decade, she has worked on building her career mostly behind the camera, though has been on camera. Early on in life she knew she wanted to act, but being shy, she let the fear of acting in front of others stop her. Then like a switch, one day she decided she was going to be an actress and not let anything stop her. So she began reading books on acting, taking classes, and obtaining an acting coach, whom she still works with weekly.

She is well known for not only her Youtube videos but also her work as a photographer. Taylor has sincere hope to inspire young girls to follow their dreams, regardless of whatever fears they have, so they too can reach their goals. Check her films: All Things Hidden in Fiabia and Newnan Strong Can’t Keep Us Down

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