Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Lawrence J Hampton Sr


This episode is focused on today’s youth and how they can succeed personally, professionally, and financially. Lawrence J. Hampton Sr., who is the founder and CEO of DenFlint Connections, LLC, has been on a mission ever since its inception to inspire and lead others to walk in their true path and light. During the show, he exposes a phenomenal concept for youth between 12 and 29, so they will reach achievements from group economics. It’s a must to pay attention to and become involved.

Mr. Hampton’s mastery in group economics, large group planning, and implementation, and being a conduit by connecting others, continues to drive his motivations today. The cornerstone of Mr. Hampton is his connection with God as it has laid the foundation for raising a family, being a husband for 31 years, and being a black minority-owned business owner for 15+ years. This has also helped him develop a quiet spirit, a still heart, and a unique listening ear to help others through their problems. Mr. Hampton’s history has shaped his mission today by continuing to foster group economics, obtaining tax-based righteous wealth, and his 60/40/10 monthly budget plan to help and be a steward to others.

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