Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Kimm Mauceri

Guest Kimm Mauceri is an actress, screenwriter, artist, model, who has hosted and produced her own radio talk shows and worked for several radio stations. She is known for her many roles in documentaries, shorts, feature films, and voiceovers, including Zombie Kronicles. Kimm is also known for her talented designs on covers, logos, as well as other artwork for various entertainment projects and significant films. Kimm has a vibrant palette of mastery and stays active in supporting causes such as the prevention of bullying and child abuse. Some of her projects include:
The Cheap Seats Sag Film, The Mighty Nanuk Lead Role Voice Over, Walgreens Commercial Featured on National TV, Teachers Lounge I play Carol A Burn out hippie History Teacher for a TV Show, and  Sitcom Coming out in July as A pilot Episode. 

Monsters Are Real streaming on the ON Channel

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