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John Ramaine




The Government Made Its Case 

 The Government Doesn’t Lie To Its People 

June 23, 2022,  New York City– Actor, Screenwriter, and Author John Ramaine created a possible ‘What if” scenario of John Wilkes Booth and his survival many years after being presumed dead by the government. The release of the production THE CONFESSION OF JOHN WILKES BOOTH is streaming the stage version of the production directed by Stag and Lion’s Artistic director Josh Koehn and Chelsea LeSage of Golden Grand Piano. John, Josh, and Chelsea also produced and had significant roles in this fascinating ensemble. 

The project’s mission is to reveal a plausible truth hidden in history for over one hundred and fifteen years. While fleeing capture, Booth hears the report that he was trapped and shot at Garrett’s barn by Boston Corbett. The man found in the barn had Booth’s diary. He declared to be Booth. The case is closed. The project was given permission and blessed by surviving members of the Booth family members to proceed with this venture.

History and its seeming settled particulars can only change to be better if the people who govern over us are willing to listen to possibilities.

Trust was compromised.

I would like to see healing begin that is long overdo. If art has taught us anything, but to think on things, then it will have achieved its grandest goal.”

– John Ramaine

The venture saw a couple of challenges during the pandemic. Casting faced people not ready to come out of their homes. However, this did not stop the team from the core objective. They filled the roles. Then a week before production, the star of the show, John Ramaine, suffered a torn stomach lining. Reluctantly, he was admitted to the hospital. John was unable to ingest food for four days and dropped 22 pounds. However, his spirit was determined to bring the “what if” scenario to life. In a crusade for healing, his wife enlisted many from around the country into a prayer chain. Miraculously, his final x-ray revealed no signs of illness. The show had to go on! John regained his momentum and delivered an engaging performance. 

From story-line to production to performance, THE CONFESSION OF JOHN WILKES BOOTH continues to draw the attention of many. The film is available on Popsy, Plex, Tubi Xumo, IBCN, OverDrive, and Vimeo. 



John Ramaine

Josh Koehn

Chelsea LeSage



“Suburban Gangsters” By Author Michael P. Dineen Now Available In Kindle and Paperback Formats

Michael P. Dineen grew up in Huntington, Long Island, New York. He studied and taught karate for over 20 years. He was a trainer to professional athletes.

After high school, Dineen pursued a life of crime for more than 20 years and survived to tell this story, his story.

“Suburban Gangsters: A Compelling Tale Of Life In The Drug Trade”

Sometimes in life the direction you choose could come down to making a choice that at the time didn’t seem like a big deal, only looking back you knew it wasn’t smart. Had his conversation gone differently with his father in the spring of 1985, Patrick may never had become a criminal. While shooting hoops with his old man that breezy afternoon in April, they struck up a conversation. Patrick had been kicked out of Walt Whitman High School a few months earlier, but had been working full-time ever since. He was working hard at the time and would have kept at it. But his dad’s rejection, and the way he did it, burned Patrick badly.

Patrick doesn’t blame his dad for becoming a criminal, but that was the final straw. Somehow, he was determined to find a way to get that Mustang GT his dad wouldn’t cosign for him. Selling cocaine would help him to achieve that. That’s when he began hustling.

This was just the beginning of Patrick’s drug selling days. He sold and trained and trained and sold. He worked with the cops, the FBI, and the DEA.

It may feel like a quick high. You may think just one more big sale and you can get out. But you’ll learn that the life of drugs and crime doesn’t pay.

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