Rebecca Sounds Reveille with Nikita Breznikov

This magnetic episode brings incredible insight into the life of retired police officer, WWE Wrestler, author, actor, producer, casting director, and production designer Nikita Breznikov. Before entering the entertainment world, Nikita served his city by becoming a police officer and eventually retiring as a Detective Sergeant of the Baltimore Police Department after 27 years of exemplary service. His first break in entertaining came in the form of professional wrestling with the friendship of WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff during his time as a Detective Sergeant. The friendship evolved into a manager/protégé partnership that would guide these two comrades for 11 years. At times, Nikita donned the tights and the two would tag team. He was an officer of the law by day and wrestler by night. It was the love of pro wrestling that led Nikita to entertain. After he retired, Nikita began acting full time in films, such as “Brush with Danger,” “The Wrestler,” and “Heroes of Wrestling,” and also appearing in documentaries. Nikita is the author of “When it Was Real,” taking you back to an era when wrestling was presented from an entertaining but legitimate competition manner and from two perspectives – a starry-eyed fan and as the manager and tag team partner of the legendary Nikolai Volkoff.

During the show, Nikita keeps you on the edge of your seat with stories from how a “7-Eleven” cardboard sign would become a staple of his life to what it was like of moonlighting as a wrestler by night and an officer by day. One of the stories he said to Rebecca, “that night that we were leaving, there was a blizzard on the horizon and it was coming from the north so Nikolai said, ”You think we should go?…” and then talks about what was filmed on the top of the World Trade Center in Baltimore. From Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking to much, much more., you are gonna be engaged! This is an amazing show!!