Have Cheetah,Will View – “Sniper 3”

This was the cheetah’s and my 3rd review…..but why am I posting “Sniper 3” here as the 2nd review? Stay tuned and all will be revealed!!

I picked this up at the Dollar Tree during one of their rare DVD sales. I was sort of surprised because while I had watched the original “Sniper” which also starred Berenger and Billy Zane,I had no idea they had made any sequels.
The plot has Marine sniper Thomas Beckett still in the service as a sniper but previous battle damage from a long career is starting to erode his impressive skills. While he has earned to cope with a missing trigger finger (from the first movie),drinking a little too much and what appears to be the onset of Parkinson’s is going to force him to retire if he fails a upcoming psychical exam…..

You can see the rest of the review by going here……

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